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purchased a closet maid cubicle unit at Target @49.99 assembled on 3-18-11. needed 2nd unit found identical unit @39.99 @ competitors store on 3-21-11.

Target refused to price adjust on 1st. purchase, refused to take $49.99 back with full refund because it is now used. will not shop Target ever again.

Customer service does not exists at Target.

corporate numbers are impossible to find for customer service issues had to use # for on line customer services in order to get corporate number. the person I spoke with spewed company rhetoric rather than correct the issue

Monetary Loss: $49.

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They should have accepted your return provided you had a valid receipt or the credit/debit card you purchased the item with.


Price adjustment policies for all stores are very specific and typically hard to follow. As previously stated, the price adjustment must be done at the time of the purchase (EXCEPTION!

an item purchased at target that goes on sale within a week of the purchase).

Additionally, you need the competitors ad (printed with dates visible) and it cannot be a sale price. it MUST be a regular (EVERY DAY) low price or the adjustment will not happen.

Trust me, we all think that policy is rubbish at times, but we have similar policies to all stores.

Palo Alto, California, United States #263247

Price adjustments can only be done at the time of purchase. The price matching policy does not pertain to items which have been purchased and used.


Quit being such a *** baby. You agreed to pay the price you did. Jesus Christ, think of something else to *** about why don't ya?

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