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4 Employees give 4 different answers as to where I may find Yarn in the store. I go to Guest Services, to find out if they carry Yarn, Jason, Head Trainer steps up and tells me to go to Sewing, Seems logical, except the questions was do you carry Yarn....

Yes or No. Guest services is not here to help you shop, is what I was told. WOW! Unbeleivable.

Jason was unable to tell me but upon calling the 1800 number they told me with in a second, sorry no yarn sold at that location.

What is wrong with this picture ?

Monetary Loss: $1.

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More often than not team members working in the front end (Guest service, check lanes, photo, etc.) are not the people to ask "Do you sell (ITEM)? " or "Where can I find (ITEM)?".

They simply do not know. Ask someone on the floor.

On a sidenote, what a ***.



I would first like to apologize for the way you were treated. Team members should do their best to help and assist you until you find the answer rather than sending you to another TM. I will tell you, however, that I have worked at my store for 2 years and shopped there for about 10 and still cannot always find everything I am looking for. Such is the nature of a large store with shifting inventories. His behavior was uncalled for and I strongly suggest you fill out a complaint card at guest services so he will be reprimanded.


As previously mentioned, it is VERY difficult to know where everything is in the store. Additionally, if you type "yarn" into the PDA, you get many results that may be unrelated (yarn carpets, maybe?). Either way, many employees have a very good idea of what is carried in the store, but cannot know everything.

As a final note, I'll just tell you that the reason the 1-800 number knew that yarn was not at that store is because I have not known a target store that DOES carry yarn. (As an avid knitter myself, I have looked)


Wow. That response really does suck.

An employee really should know what their store carries.

And if they don't there are many resources they can use to do so. They have those PDA's that they can type in anything someone is looking for and they can ask any of their boses for help.

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