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i recently purchased an ac, july 18 and tried to take it back today, 10,10. i was refused, it was opened and used, their policy is you can return, but it cannot be opened box or used.

i call customer service and they said the same thing. how is a person suppose to try an appliance, if it cannot be opened or used, it doesnt make sense. i will never buy or let my friends buy any appliances from target ever again. i am telling all my friens.

the service plan people said that i would recieve another ac within 7-10 days.

thats not the point. pissed off in lansing............

Monetary Loss: $16999.

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Typical *** who is mad when a store doesn't let you take advantage of them. Go to ***.


So, just to recap, you are mad because Target wouldn't let you borrow a brand new AC for the summer. Well, they are a retail establishment, not an AC library. ***.

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