Hi, i guess i am a little frustrated about a recent visit to one of you Target stores and would appreciate some feedback into not only your store policy but also your customer service issues,or lack there-of. Yesterday my husband & I decided to go to your Ashwaubenon(Green Bay WI.) Target Store.

WE spent almost 1 hr picking out Bikes and when we got to the checkout, I remembered I had forgot my Target credit card at home. The young gentleman waiting on us was unsure if anyone could even look our account up and rather unwilling to find out from a manager if that could be done for customers. So fine, we decided to write out a check. Well after writing out a check for almost $600.00 he told us sorry-I cannot take a check from you because it appears you have never writen a check out to this Target store.

I have managed a large retail store and believe me, to loose a $600 sale, especially in this economy now days, would have been unacceptable, in my store, especially without a care in the world.

I am not sure if this is your policy, for both,the unwillingness to look up credit card accounts, and check policy??? Please let us know, Thank You

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - This is to advise that I am SOOOO SURPRISED that some little corwad has stolen my screen name and is posting lies under my name. As of 9/2/11, I will no longer post to these sites as Narc you out, but will rather be anonymous like the little thief and liar that stole my screen name.

I shall hold true to my mission, though, which is to discredit Target at every possibility. The only difference will be that the thieves and liars will have no absolute knowledge of who it is they are protesting against.

I have not changed my mind - only my screen name. Target is a terrible retailer and I will do everything in my power to let the public know how they treat customers.


Guess again retard.

What a loser...


Hey Simon - I hope this is the fatal strike!!


"Without it, no one would know about our miserable experiences at our Target stores"

Yeah, except for my3cents.com, consumeraffairs.com, ripoffreport.com, complaintsboard.com and the hundreds of other sites just like these. Don't worry narc, when you turn 10 you mommy might buy you a computer and then you can explore the whole internet.


(is that strike 3? LMAO)


This comment addresses the posting dated July 21, 2011, "Written by ...", of which I quote "Do you think you are talking to Target?"

Since either of us know the exact intent of this person's posting, at least we all know that going to Target to settle a dispute would never result with the broad audience that going to pissedconsumer.com will.

Again, thanks for this public site. Without it, no one would know about our miserable experiences at our Target stores except those perpetratrating them against us!


Do you think that you are talking to Target?


Target has a policy that if there is no check history from a guest, then any check written in a high amount while be declined. Target also does not allow team members to access ANY information about credit cards...this is a security policy.


I pretty much agree with the other person. It's 2011 - get a freakin' debit card and you wouldn't have check problems.


If you took a $600 check from every random person that comes in your store, you would be broke quick.

Use a debit card.

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