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I am a black man 72 years old. Just yesterday, 11/4/2015, Target security personnel at the Gennesee Ave Store, San Diego, followed me around (various people even an older woman was in on it and a very young woman - all white people, at least 6 people that I noticed) and had a male security store guard, armed with a badge and I assume night stick and uniformed) positioned at the exit after I checked out (with my $62 purchase) who departed his post as I was leaving and returned when I stopped at the exit to answer my cell phone.

Target on Genesee Ave in San Diego, just told me in very clear language that they do not want me to shop in their store. Lesson learned. Target on Genessee Ave in San Diego, I will never shop in your store again.

And belive me I will blog about this on my Facebook page each time the I remember the humiliating experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Re-train security personnel at that store that the color of my skin does not make me a thief.

I liked: Merchandise i purchased.

  • horrid management
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Long Beach, California, United States #1266211

Don't attribute everything to your ethnicity; I am a white woman and I get followed/stalked by store security all the time.

It's become so bad that I increasingly do ALL my shopping online because the in-store atmosphere has become so hostile and suspicious.

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1060081

If it looks like a black duck, walks like a black duck and quacks like a black duck, it is a theif

Staten Island, New York, United States #1059776

You are probably imaging things. I doubt you were followed just because you are black.

Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1059774

I think it is you who is the one that is racist by assuming that just because a person is white they are racist. Usually people playing the race card are usually doing something wrong and blaming race for being caught and or racist themselves.

I hope all your friends laugh at you for playing the race card.

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