Customer at Exton Target 3-27-12 was rude she told me to get out of the way! so she can move in front of me!

Also she was rude to the cashier telling her she was rude and obnoxious. Target never did did anything when I complain to them about her. There was another customer that recognize her and her name was Heather she must not have a life beacause she was miserable.

And as I was walking behind her to go to my car she was even yelling to someone about them backing their car up and didn't look to see her walking behind the car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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well there's definitely too many bi**chy people out there that don't belong in public around other people but they go out anyway.

Yah and I wouldn't shop at Target :grin

Venting is one thing, but this is just plain WHINING. GROW UP and stop being a TATTLETALE.


So lets say someone claimed you were rude to them and lets say the manager kicked you out of the store no questions asked no investigation? What are they supposed to do about it.

They did not witness her being rude.

For all we know you could be the rude one. Also can't you fight your own battles, like tell her to get the f**k out of your way and not treat you like that?


Actually I think it's YOU who needs to get a life if you have nothing more to complain about than some random person that you perceived as rude. What exactly did you expect Target to do about it?

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