I am announcing today my family and I are ending our relationship with Target Stores. I have been a customer for a number of years but cannot understand why they have fallen victim to this politically correct BS in the news lately.

I have already destroyed my card as have other members of my family, in fact others in my neighborhood feel the same way.

Furthermore I plan to search the premises to see if there is anything I can return. This type of behavior must stop and I believe it will with the backlash businesses are now going to encounter.

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Irvine, California, United States #672278
I am sure Target is deeply devastated by your annoucement :roll

I cannot believe you are such a self righteous and hypocritical company..I will tell you that America loves redemption stories and will stick with Paula Deen....you have given into just the latest PC extremes.....it is good you are perfect so if anyone hears you in private you would be perfect....since you banned Paula would you also ban the selling of rap music as it offends me as a white person and also let's ban comedians for their pc and offensive

spew of all races......remember the freedom of speech? Do you have it?

Let others have it......redemption is coming for Paula, remember Martha Stewart and how her success it even greater now after her prison release? You misses the American boat and sailed on the boat named PC.


I am announcing today that you and Paula Deen will not be missed.

to Simon #671817

(forgot to add):

because is so niggardly!

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #670747

I also cannot bring myself to spend my money at Target because of this ridiculous witch hunt. I usually spend at least $50 a week at target, that ended yesterday.

Orlando, Florida, United States #670635

Another fool ads their two cents to the list. Since there was no statement of what her complaint was about we have to assume the writer is a ***.

to Anonymous #671823

Calling someone else a fool when you can't even spell "adds" ...



Essentially, people are ticked off that Target decided not to get involved in a current controversial matter involving Paula Deen. I believe she made some statement about not regretting saying the n-word when she was younger. I really don't know the full story.

Of course, either way you look at it, there will be angry customers whether Target removed Paula Deen merchandise or not. Target, among other companies, have chosen to not be affiliated with the controversy and removed themselves from the equation.

Apparently, it's the principle causing people to no longer support the stores entirely. Like most matters, things will blow over. Either Target will buckle, or people will give up. As for my opinion, I honestly could careless what Paula or Target does, aside from the fact that I am tired of hearing about the matter. Thus, I am made my own short rant for the last sentence and this one explaining it.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #670558
What in the *** are you talking about?!? An actual explanation would be nice. :roll :roll

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