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I have been working for about a year now, as Guest Services, Electronics Boat, or whatever else they ask me to do. I have been cross trained in every area of the store, except for morning truck unloading.

My experience has been not the greatest. Every ETL/LOD we have is an overweight smoking death waiting to happen. Every co worker I have is in shape and overworked. I get sick of observing my friends and fellow co workers getting yelled at for not working hard enough when the people yelling can't manage to walk across the store without breathing heavily and sweating.

I know this isn't a perfect world, and that Target Corp. is just out to make money. But a little truthful kindness isn't going to wipe out humanity. I mean, being treated as an asset number and not a human is just sick.

Every corperation out there is run this way. Target has proven to me time and time again, that as long as they pay me, they own me. They don't pay me for my time, they pay me for my slavery.

I can't stay working here much longer, I need to get hired at a nice local shop or something. Something not run by sick bastards who's only goal is to achieve riches as the expense of human life.

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I worked for a Target store in Springfield, OH for almost a year. Even though I was a trained cashier, was willing to do any other training or help out the other departments.

I worked extra hours when we had people call-in. Then they started pushing that *** redcard by telling cashiers we needed to get at the very minimum one redcard a week, or else we'll get a "counseling." No matter how often I asked people, sometimes people just don't want the store card!! So, needless to say, I got a counseling and was told "don't take no for an answer." Uhhh, I can't FORCE a person to sign up for this card. Then shortly after this began, I called in sick ONCE in a year long period and was counseled that I need to work when I'm scheduled because it puts stress on "the team" when I'm sick.

I quit a few weeks later because it was ridiculous that even though I wasn't doing anything bad for the store, they still felt the need to "correct" my job performance. The store manager was a great guy, but the other team leaders took more smoke breaks that I cared to count.


Sorry to hear about your experience working at Target.

I know they treat their customers badly if they need help with customer service.

I hope things change there because it seems it is a nightmare for customers with problems they need help for as well as workers who need to be treated more decently during their employment.

It a shame. :roll

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