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I applied online for a card, recieved a $5000 limit and then could not even order the furniture, which was the reason I got the card in the first place. I had to wait to actually receive the card.

What is the point of applying online if I can't even use it to get what I wanted, especially with such a high limit. No one on any help phone lines could change it or allow my order to go through. I canceled my order. Target sucks and I am taking my business elsewhere.

I suggest you do as well!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Brea, California, United States #2262

Online credit applications have no way to order temporary cards. It's called a security risk.

Ofcourse if you would have applied in the store. You would have received a temporary card and been able to walk over to their kiosks and bought the furniture right then and there also saving your 10% at the same time.

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