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While shopping early in the morning in my zone trying to figure out which shirt we go with the skirt I was purchasing, I was startled by an employee standing 50 feet behind me yelling hi can I help you with something? I had no idea she was speaking to me and she kept yelling what can i help ypu with?

and words like this, and approaching closer behind my back I turned to look in her direction and realized this person standing so far behind me was speaking to me because there was no one else around. I thought she may be drunk or on drugs she was wearing an employee outfit and a name tag. I replied I am fine thank you and turn back around to continue trying to decide what shirt to purchase for the skirt then she continued to walk towards me asking repeted same questions, and started looking through items. I asked her if she was a manager of that store she ignored the question.

I put my items down and quickly walked away for fear that if this was someone under the influence dressed in a Target outfit it was definitely a dangerous situation. Being so early in the morning I didn't even think to pick up my cell phone and record it.

I did not purchase the skirt or the shirt. This happened in a Jacksonville Florida Target

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seriously? An annoying employee who asks you what you need too often is a "dangerous situation"?

I love that you just assume they were on drugs or something.

Sounds like you are judgmental and rude when all you had to do most likely was say no thank you....I found what I need or walk away for a few minutes. Good grief.

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