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I went to target to shop with my coupons. I went to one of the cashiers and told him I'm going to use coupons.

He help me unload my stuff on top of the counter and before he went to the register he went to a lady which I believe the manager and whispered to her ear .." it's a couponer". I felt like I'm a criminal or I'm going to do fraud because I used coupons? that the manager was there watching like a hawk while I'm giving my coupons and I really felt uncomfortable and at the same time embarrassed. As a consumer I read the target coupon policies and i know my rights and limits.

I'm not comfortable of being humiliated in public. I hope next time I will go to Target they will treat me like other consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Okahumpka, Florida, United States #750381

There we go, anon, someone has to ruin this complaint by bring discrimination into it. It is always because you are black.

You don't get special treatment so you play the race card. it makes real racism hard to believe.

Tolono, Illinois, United States #750379

Unless you have fake coupons or expired coupons mixed in there why would you be offended that they are checking the coupons. They have a right to check each and every coupon so we don't have to pay higher prices if they missed a fake or expired coupon.

The Colony, Texas, United States #750189

Almost similar experience at target of lewisville. Being a person of color makes one get treated even more badly. Hope someone who can do something about changing attitudes of the customer service ppl will read these someday and encourage a change in attitude of the custmer service staff

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #716173


Most of the people who follow this site know exactly what you are talking about.

Target is a horrible business to deal with if you have any issues that go further than a cash or credit card transaction. Should you have a problem, change your mind, need an adjustment, whatever, Target staff will make you regret the day you ever darkened the threshold of their store.

The thing that makes me happy about Target, though, is that they are putting themselves out of business with their policies.


Coupons DO exist for a reason. The obvious reason being it allows consumers to SAVE MONEY and NOT PAY FULL PRICE!

I refuse to pay full price for anything and I also will not purchase any health or beauty item WITHOUT a coupon! I'm not one of those "crazy couponers" either as some of you freaks call it. I experienced a horrendous experience a few weeks ago at Target on Higgins Road in Schaumburg, Illinois. I was visiting my mother who lives in this area and went to this SuperTarget on a Thursday evening.

My mother does not drive due to a disability and so during my visit she gave me a list of items to get knowing I was going to Target. Among my items were 2 Sonicare Power Up battery toothbrushes along with the replacement heads for them. They were on sale along with a Target gift card and I also had $5 off coupons for the items. I had only 2 toothbrushes and 2 brush heads for myself and 2 of each for my mother, since I had 4 coupons for the toothbrushes and 4 for the replacement heads.

When the sale along with my coupons, it makes this $20 toothbrush affordable. There is NO LIMIT like P&G coupons have. (P&G states there is a limit of 4 like coupons per household per day) Philips Sonicare does not have any type of limit wording on their coupons and yes I was using them correctly! I needed a separate transaction for my mother's items so each transaction only had 2 of each coupon in it.

The cashier called for a supervisor and stated that "she didn't know if she could use ALL of my coupons", like I was using so many! I've seen people use 10-20 coupons in a transaction in the past but seriously, she needed assistance for 4 coupons?? So the supervisor, an old woman by the name of Stephanie comes to the register and intensely inspects every single item like I'm doing something wrong. She then inspects the coupons reading every word.

She states that Target has a "limit" and will only allow me to use 4 coupons TOTAL, regardless of what items I have. I shop Target regularly at home and I KNOW this is not the case. I explained that there is no limit and I'm using all of them correctly. We got into an argument and she ended up picking up my mother's items and telling me she will not sell them to me and basically told me to leave the store!

I purchased my items and proceeded to exit the store. This is a Super Target where it has 2 entrances so as I walked out, I turned around and walked back to the toothbrush section and decided to purchase what my mother needed in the Pharmacy (as I should have to begin with!) The cashier was almost done with my transaction and about to scan my coupons as STEPHANIE appeared as if she had RUN over to the pharmacy. (I don't know how she saw me go over there unless she was stalking me, because you cannot see the pharmacy from the entrance of the store or the cash register area, it's a very big store) Stephanie screamed at the cashier that "this customer already used her 4 coupons she can't use any more coupons!!" I was irate and left! I got back to my mother's and told her what happened and looked over my receipt for my one purchase and my anger just escalated.

Here Stephanie made such a federal case over how many coupons I were to use and she OVER CHARGED me! She charged me for 5 items instead of 4, meaning, she scanned one of my items TWICE! My mother lives about 45 minutes from Schaumburg in northern Illinois in Vernon Hills. I was told I would probably have to go back to Schaumburg for the price adjustment so now not only was I charged $20 for an item I never purchased, I have to drive 2 hours round trip to get my $20 back??

Oh and Stephanie writes on my receipt "no return without receipt". Please tell me WHO returns toothbrushes unless you are overcharged or find a sale on an item elsewhere?!

I expressed Target this incident and they do not care and I am sure Stephanie is still working at that store. She makes me sick as does Target for allowing this behavior and treating people who use coupons like we are doing something wrong!!

to consumerinusa Kokomo, Indiana, United States #955395

Um, 4 coupons is target limit, even if coupon states otherwise, so the lady was right, you are wrong

Ashland, Oregon, United States #715085

the cashier had probably experience a crazy psychotic couponer at one point and didn't want anyone to scream at him. couponers have screamed at me for being unable to use an expired coupon or when I point out something they read wrong. excuse me, I'm the one who knows how to work for target.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #666789

If the cashier whispered something in the manager's ear, how do you know for sure what he said? The only way you could know that was if he spoke out loud.

If you are one of those coupon nuts, you must have a guilty conscience being you are so offended about something you are imagining.

to anonymous Bradenton, Florida, United States #672195

I used to work at Target and I LOVED when people would come through with lots of coupons. There were always haters who took it as a personal insult that others were smart enough and patient enough to use coupons.

They exist for a reason so don't feel bad for using them. If you feel weird next time, ask the cashier if you're doing something wrong.

That will check them on their not-so-subtle attitude and make them feel *** for being so transparent. ;)

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