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I was excited to get the September Target coupons and couldn't wait to start shopping. I spent about 2 hours there making sure all was right with the coupons.

The Dr Pepper 12pks were 3.50 each w/$1 off & a free 2 ltr w/purchase of 2 12pks. The checker informed me only 1 Target coupon on like items so he split my transactions voiding the free 2ltr which I was charged for. Then the Kraft mayo was priced wrong and had to redo it,etc. Also both restrooms were out of order & everyone had to stand in line for the family one.

It took about 30 minutes to finally check out because he was separating my order & coupons and people were getting upset & going to other lines. The worst part was after all the time & aggravation, I went down the road to Brookshires & got the Dr Pepper 12pks for 2.50 each w/$1 coupons attached ($1.50 ea) & the Kraft mayo was $2.69 & they doubled my coupon to $1.69 each & they had working restrooms & good checkers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Anonymous, you've never even been to Target. you can't be a victim of bait and switch and a poor return policy if you never crawl out from under your rock. poor little loser :sigh
Because, Dear Anonymous:
I was a victim of Bait and Switch at Target's store.
Their corporate offices told me that they wouldn't help with my problem. :roll
Not every customer gets satisfaction because not every request is reasonable. Besides, why would you buy a product that needs returning? :zzz :zzz :zzz :cry :cry :cry
I keep trying to tell you - Target sucks.
:sigh At least you didn't have to return anything because their return policy is to rip you off as a customer. Don't make the mistake of buying a product that needs returning.

:eek Target personnel (all the way up to corporate) will embarass and rididule you and won't give you any satisfaction. :( :(

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