We visited a Target in fort collins, we purchase several items, one item was a bath soap with an attached coupon for $1,00 off. No big discount, but worth picking up this compared to other products.

We then went to check out and we took the coupon off the bottle and handed it to the clerk. She said the coupon was outdated, we said the coupon was off the bottle we just purchased, we even showed the clerk the bottle, she told us people try and rip them off all the time, we where offended by the statement. Since the coupon was on a bottle they had on their shelf we asked them to honor it, at first the clerk was not going to do that, we continue to ask. One supervisor came over and could not override the system another lady came over and did it.

All during this time the clerk continue to argue with my wife. No good customer service at all, the supervisor then asked us if we had any other issues.

When we said the clerk was rude and offensive the supervisor was not interested in hearing our concern and asked us to leave. If Target has a customer service training program, then its missing in Fort Collins Col.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #639864

I don't get how this anonymous commenter was any help. who really needs training to tell an immature customer no? sometimes, the customers are the ones that need training on how to be mature and how to follow store policies.

Houston, Texas, United States #639236

"Told people try to rip us off all the time!"

That was the kicker. Anything else after that is null and void.

To imply that I was trying to steal .. I would have felt the same way.

to I See Dumb People #639321

Target has NO customer service when it comes to helping its customers. The only training Target employees receive is that each person who walks into their store is there to steal from them.

You WILL be treated rudely and suspiciously, and most times called a thief! That kind of treatment IS condoned by Target management.


like California said, that's the manufacturer's coupon. they don't have to honor an expired coupon.


I am glad the supervisor asked you to leave instead of giving into another of your temper tantrums. They already gave in to one and they did not have to honour the outdated coupon but they did.

Then when you speak badly about the employee for just doing her job they ask you to leave. She was just doing her job and I am glad that he was more concerned about defending his employee than two grown ups who act like they are still in the third grade who can't read the coupon expiry date. Most likely you were trying to scam them and got angry she called you out on it. Following policy and telling you "no" is not the same as being rude.

When you asked them to honour it were you asking nicely or were you throwing a temper tantrum. I am sure you left your little temper tantrum out of this review. The one you threw when you did not get your way.

I will say this again, it probably won't sink in your thick skull, not giving in to your temper tantrum does not make one rude. Your wife was in the wrong, knew she was in the wrong and she continued to argue, either she has issues or you are a *** and married a child.


The coupon is placed there by the manufacturer. It's not Target's fault that the manufacturer used a date that expired before the product could be sold.

The only legal recourse for you was to contact the manufacturer for an updated coupon. Instead you acted like a total azzhole to a poor cashier who was only following clearly written guidelines.

And yes, people like you constantly try to rip off lowly stores like Target. You only show how poor you are and likely to steal by claiming (falsely) to be spending a lot of money there.

I bet you're black and you think it was racist as well.

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