Point Loma, California

I went to Sport's Arena Target to do my usual shopping for baby formula, groceries, etc. I go to the sport's arena store as frequent as once or twice a week and I always pair the sales with coupons.

I always strictly follow the coupon policy using no more than one target coupon, one manufacturer coupon, and cartwheel in addition to sales. I always use Target's price match guarantee when I buy the formula. It is much cheaper on the Target website and they honor that. There was also a promotion on this formula- buy 3, get a $10 gift card.

The $10 gift card was not coming up and I pointed it out to the cashier and even pulled up the deal on the website where it stated it was valid both online and in stores. The supervisor came over and took $10 off my bill instead of the gift card (I guess it was the only way to get around it). I purchased over $150 of merchandise and used several coupons like I always do. I'm a stay at home mom on a budget.

Formula is expensive and every dollar I save, helps. Once the cashier got to my $2 off formula coupons she refused to accept them because they said "redeemable at walmart" even though they were valid manufacturer coupons I use all the time. (Target gives out coupons like this themselves and you can use them at any store who accepts manufacturer coupons. They print out of their register and have Target's name on them but they are manufacturer coupons and labeled as so.) The supervisor was involved again and she said she would not accept them due to the fact she gave me the $10 off for the promotion.

I pointed out that their coupon policy allows you to pair sales and coupons, etc. She also said she wouldn't accept them because they said "redeemable at walmart". (Aren't you glad I'm shopping at your store and not walmart?!?) Through all of this they pulled me to the side, created a big scene in front of customers and employees, were extremely rude to me and humiliated me! They got the attention of one man who said "Stick to your guns, that ain't right!" I have never been so embarrassed to use coupons nor have I ever had an experience like this in the 10+ years I have used coupons.

I felt discriminated against and degraded as a frequent and loyal customer.

They were able to pick and choose which coupons they "want" to accept and that is not fair. I will never shop here again and neither will many of my upset Facebook followers and fellow couponers.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Hyde Park, Massachusetts, United States #1205411

YEs I have been treated bad too for using coupons. The coupon states you can use 4 coupons per transaction but the manager said i can only use 2 coupons plus she was also trying to take away items from me tat i had paid for already.

i mean who is thief now. doesn't target want their customers to come and shop at their store or do they earn too much money to let go customers?

Any ways the cashier was nice but the manager was very rude and rude person in service industry doesn't last much.


Even though the coupon says redeemable at Walmart she is correct in trying to use it elsewhere. Nowhere on those coupons, which I have seen, does it say "redeemable ONLY at Walmart." For those who said she needs to learn to read, you're the ones that need it more as you cannot comprehend the difference between the two.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #931079

It days redeemable at Walmart, there for the *** cannot redeem it at Target. This person has issues, she would rather her child starve then have their birth father give money and help raise the child. The father deserves the child not her.

Orlando, Florida, United States #855745

Maybe you should read the coupon policy:

Manufacturer and Target Coupons:

•Target accepts one Manufacturer Coupon and one Target Coupon for the same item (unless prohibited by either coupon).

•We reserve the right to accept, refuse, or limit the use of any coupon.

•We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.

So you admit you tried to use two coupons which is clearly against Target's policy. And you tried to use a Walmart coupon which is also against their policy. Yet you insist you printed out the coupon policy.


ihatetarget dot net try it you will see just how much the employees hate this place.

Bronx, New York, United States #853221

F.uck Target I hope the god d.amn place goes out of business!


The coupon was redeemable at Walmart. It said so right on the coupon.

You were not at Walmart so of course you could not use them. Target and Walmart are two completely different companies.

They are not interchangeable. How much clearer could they have been?

to followtherules #853185

You are wrong they are run by the same person, Target just has better quality stuff that is why I went there, however they are ran by the same person. They are business partners.

They had no right to embarrass me in front of others, and people have no right to bash me for being a single parent, finding out the father of my baby cost a lot of money and it one of three men whom I slept with at that time. One person is willing to take care of the baby if it is his, but the other two have no interest.

So to the person who made that comment about the one night stand, the men also had a one night stand with me, but the woman is the one that gets pregnant so she is the one looking like a bad parent, besides if the father whom I think is the father of my child I don`t want to know because I don`t want him involved in my babies life and he is the only one who is willing to take care of the child. I don`t want him to have anything to do with the baby, I would rather starve the baby than get money from him.

to followtherules #986667

Yes you can use them there, there a manufacture coupon not a store coupon. If it stated only redeemable at Walmart would be different, and it was a store coupon.

Walmart just puts that on there hoping people will use it there. It is a policy for them to accept them


Why are you having children if you cannot afford to feed them? If the coupon was redeemable at only Walmart you have no right trying to redeem them at Target, why not learn how to read before having children, and since I don't hear about a father in all of this I am going to assume you had a one night stand and don't know who the father is?

If you kept demanding they change the rules just for you because you are a struggling single parent you asked for this humiliation and embarrassment. Telling you no is not being rude, however demanding they redeem the coupon even though it can only be redeemed at Walmart is rude. You were probably arguing because they would not accept the coupon just for you and that is what caused the scene, if you had just left quietly and understood that you could not use a coupon and why you would not have been embarrassed.

You are not discriminated against, stop playing the poor me I am discriminated against card. They are not picking and choosing the coupons, they are simply reading what the coupon says and following the directions, what is not unfair is you are probably on food stamps and it is us feeding your child.


new policy "intimidate all couponers" they are not the low-upper middle class customer we want.

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