Try to make a payment in store without my statement . They inform me without my statement or my Target credit card I couldn't not make a payment !!

I have never had a problem like this before. After retuning to the store with my card they still couldn't tell me what my balance was. I had to call the company myself in front of the clerk at target. This is the first time at any store I couldn't give my phone number or other information about myself to make a payment.

I would advise anyone thinking about getting a target credit card I wouldn't !!

I'm going to close my account ASAP . They will charge you the $25 late fee and if over $25 the charge is double of your balance , so if you are late one day you are charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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*** *** complaint. Inconvenient - sure - but you didn't bring in what they needed to process your request therefore - your fault.

Los Angeles, California, United States #629555

Wow...what a complainer you are! Get over it, and complain to corporate or nothing you say will ever matter.

I love it when people take out their anger on those who have no control to change the situation. We are all peons when it comes to corporation. Treat people like people and file your complaints with someone who can change the situation. If enough people follow suit things will change.

Guest service complaints will end where you leave them..at guest service. Oh and if they are dumb we will make fun of you...

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #627746
It's for your protection and privacy. Plain and simple. Might I recommend the target debit card :)
to gstrainer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #628042

Luv your suggestion, Daw-lin. Now,"might I recommend" you shop at any other store than Target? And also, "might I recommend" that anyone else who reads this account shop anywhere else but Target, too?

Cumming, Georgia, United States #622851

If that bothers you so then pay on line. That is the way I pay and I have all my account information in front of me and the payment is credited that day.

When you pay at the store the payment may not get credited for a week as they have to send the payment to the bank holding your account. I think you just like to complain and need to grow up.


HA!! So tell me...

when you pay a credit card bill, power bill... do you just write a check and send it out with no account info?

How would you ever expect that to work? Its the same thing.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #609353

With all of the privacy issues and stolen ID I wouldnt want

the team member to access my card.....there is enough fraud

with the security in place. I am sorry you were inconvenienced

but if your card had been compromised you would have been more


Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608053

All store cards have late fees after one day, not just Target. Target is not responsible for knowing what your balance is or looking it up for you.

That's your job. And everyone knows you need a statement or your card to make a payment. Assuming something otherwise is just silly.

I for one wouldn't want to give someone my phone number or anything else to look up my card. If looking up a statement is as easy as giving a phone number, you'd be back here complaining that Target's policies are too loose because someone hacked your account with your phone number.


So you're upset because you had to spend an extra 3 min figuring out your balance over the phone? Wow.

Naples, Florida, United States #598535

Target stores have absolutely NO access to your credit account and can only accept payments with your card number or statement which shows your account number. The back of your card and your statement will tell you the bank who holds your credit line, which I believe is TD Bank.

No merchant who has a branded card actually owns the debt.

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