I tried to return a Frozen doll for store credit when my daughter received the same doll for her birthday. I didn't have the receipt and was fine with possibly losing money on the deal, but I was told the item could not be returned.

It was unopened, it's an item they currently sell and it's a Frozen doll so it's obviously not an item they have an abundance of. I asked the customer service women why and she just turned the screen to me and said they get no information other than they cannot return the item. I have never had an experience like that. I've never had a return refused anywhere because I always do my homework first to make sure they still carry the item, etc.

Target is always awful about returns, but this was just ridiculous. No explanation, no logic, no apologies or customer service, just a "no" and a poor attitude.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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It just so happens that sometimes people try to return items that might be sold at Target, but are not from Target. The system can tell the difference in the UPC's.


You didn't spend any money on it since it was a gift. Here's anything idea: pass it on.

Let your daughter give it as a gift to a friend or donate it. Fact of the matter is, without a receipt, the store isn't obligated to do anything for you.

to p***itonItsgoodforthesoul Seekonk, Massachusetts, United States #848791

You too are an ***. You piece of ***, child molester, only a child molester would find great joy in a little girl not money to by an extra toy.

Orlando, Florida, United States #844421

In addition to the comments made by Simon which are 100% accurate, there is also this little tidbit directly from Target's return policy.

"Return Exceptions

Returns and exchanges without a receipt may be limited. Other restrictions may apply."

Obviously in this case limited means no.


You tried to return an item without a receipt, were rightfully denied a return, and you want to know why? Do you really need it explained to you?

Ok. Without a receipt a store doesn't know how much you paid, when you bought it, or how you paid. So they don't know how much to refund you or to refund you in cash, gift card, or return the balance to a credit card.

So instead of all that, they just say no. Can you blame them?

Seekonk, Massachusetts, United States #844199

The worst thing is after I made the return I had promised my daughter another gift. She could not get another gift and she started to cry.

So because I was already frustrated I slapped my daughter. ON HER OWN BIRTHDAY.

to Anonymous #848477

You are sick for taking your anger at Target out on your daughter's birthday, it is not their fault but yours. I hate it when people abuse their children and make excuses.

It sickens me. Some people should not be having children. You are one of them.

What does your wife or husband have to say about this? I hope they at least stopped you or they are just as bad as you.

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