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Cortney Kimbrow that is employed by Target in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as a manager is very rude & unprofessional.

I went in to return an article of clothing that I had bought my daughter that was defective. I explained to her that I washed it just as the instructions read. When I pulled it out of the washing machine, the pink coloring had rubbed off the sequins in a large area of the shirt & was unwearable now. She told me that since I washed it that I could not return it. I told her her that I understood that & that if I was just returning the item just to return it, then I could see where I was not granted a refund. She argued with me for a couple minutes. Then, she told me that EVEN IF she was to give me a refund that it would only be in the form of a gift card. That's ***, because I had presented my receipt with the item. I told her that it was not my fault the item became defective. it was a manufacturing fault. She argued with me a little more & then proceeded to accuse me of ironing the shirt. Sequins melt under heat, so that was a *** accusation. I got really pissed then & told her to keep it for herself & let her kid wear it, because I was not letting mine wear it. She tells me, "I was going to give you a refund, but now I am not." Anyone reading this knows that is a complete lie, because if she was going to give me a refund, she would have already done it before getting me upset.

This woman does not need to be in retail working with the public. Now, it is not about the refund, but the way I was talked down to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1195640

Wow you are really crazy and WRONG to go find someone's picture on social media and post that here just because they wouldn't let you have your way. Even if they were in the wrong, you should not be doing what you did. Pissed Consumer needs to crack down on this.


Did you really take the time to find the employee on social media? can we say crazy?

She probably was going to give you the refund, but you got smart at the mouth with your comment.

Anyway, there's nothing pissed consumers can do about it. You should be posting your complaint on target's social media or contacting corporate, which I'm sure they will probably back the manager anyway.

Ft. Worth, Texas, United States #937653

How do will know that the picture isn't that of the poster????

Why are you assuming it is the Target employee?

Also, as someone who worked in retail, the customer service employee was 100% wrong. She shoud never assume that a customer is lying about a possible defect in a product. Just give her the money back and have the clothing department manager take it up with the manufacturer...period.

to p.j.m.27 Orange, California, United States #937798

Yeah in other words she should let the customer cheat the company and go out of business right. There needs to be a line somewhere, and if clothing looks like it has been warn and abused they have every right to refuse service. You must be very young to not realize that there are dishonest people in this world.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915402

You know her full name and have access to her personal pics???? Seems like you know her personally.

Maybe you're a former co worker and she got the promotion you felt entitled to? Maybe she's an ex-friend? Maybe she's sleeping with your "baby daddy"????

Something is really wrong here. Hope she sues your *** ***!!!!!


This is creepy...

Orange, California, United States #897339

Also they hired these people so they don't play the race card. She probably gave it to her kid because she spends her money on crack and booze.

Orange, California, United States #897338

She is black of course she is rude.

to KevinRichards Seattle, Washington, United States #901863

wth is wrong with you? First off, I used to work at Target.

They show you a video about how "diverse" they are (which is a joke in and of itself. In the video, the backroom people are black and hispanic, front end people are white with the exception of ONE black girl and all the accountants are Asian...sooo diverse and non-stereotypical, Target...) but they are the most vanilla company I've ever seen. We had all of 4 people who were minorities working at my store and it was a HUGE store.

Secondly, why does she have to spend her money on crack?

How do you know the original poster wasn't a black person? Take your racist ideals out of here. They have nothing to do with the store.

It was rude, unoriginal and shows you're a terrible human being. You disgust me.

to bb Orange, California, United States #902083

I am just stating the truth about these people. A few years ago in my neighborhood two blacks ages 22 and 23 attempted to try and strangle a ten year old boy to death over a drug deal they thought he witnessed. They are violent and only care about drugs.


From the way you sounded writing this I'm afraid I have to side with Cortney. Even this website had to bleep out half of what you were saying, and this was after you had plenty of time to calm down.

Also how did you get pictures of her? That's kind of creeper.


Wow. You called her out by name and are bashing her on the internet for not returning an article of clothing because you washed it?

That is standard procedure in any store.

Returns are a privilege that stores extend to customers that can be revoked for any or no reason. I hope to God she sues you because she absolutely has the right to now.

to Simon Seattle, Washington, United States #901859

how did they even GET her last name? As an ex-employee of Target, our last names aren't on our name tags and a manager won't give it out, either. Half the time, we don't even KNOW fellow employees last names...this is super creepy.


I think that this was very inappropriate that you would bash this woman's name like this. You have a daughter...Would you want someone to do your daughter like that! That is pathetic!!!


Do you think this is really necessary to post her info? Why don't you speak to her direct manager instead of bashing her personally online?!

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