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I'm a new mom who was just hit by a lady backing out of a space while driving in a parking lot. My Insurance company advised me to replace my daughter's car seat, as it is likely no longer safe after being in a collision.

I went online to and because I had just moved recently, I updated my shipping address. I then proceeded to order a new car seat to be delivered. Online the estimate was two day shipping. When I later checked my email, I discovered that Target was shipping the car seat 10 days later, to my old address.

I contacted the store only to be told that if an order was placed more than five or 10 minutes ago, Target was unable to modify, cancel or otherwise change my order. Seriously?! I explained that I had updated my shipping address but the system wasn't accepting it. The representative then also tried to update my address on his end, and also had trouble updating it.

Once the address was finally updated, I told the representative to please ship the item to my new address. Since I had placed the order three hours before I called, I did not think this would be a problem. Boy was I wrong. The representative then asked if I could drive the three hours to my old address and pick up the item once it was delivered.

Since my old address was an apartment building, I really didn't feel comfortable leaving the expensive item sitting there. Not to mention that I needed the car seat to even drive anywhere at all! I explained that I needed the item ASAP and asked if he could please contact the fulfillment warehouse, since the order was undoubtedly not processed yet, and have them re-route to the correct address. The representative said he could not and advised me to contact the shipping carrier to see if they could possibly reroute the item.

Then he advised me that this would likely be a cumbersome process, and it might take several weeks for me to get my item. I then asked to speak to a manager, Aisha as she identified herself, came on the line immediately rude and condescending and told me there was nothing more that they could do. I asked her again to please contact the warehouse. She told me "no I'm not gonna contact the warehouse you only have two options..." And then she talked about waiting until the carrier shipped the item...

At this point I interrupted her and said "please cancel my order refund my money and I will never do business with your company again." It's likely I will have to fight tooth and nail to a either, get my item or get reimbursed. In the meantime, I am a new mom who cannot drive anywhere because I don't have the proper tools I need to keep my children safe!

I used to love target, I have spent thousands of dollars at the store over the years.

Never again, nor will any member of my family ever visit Target, or spend any money on their online store. A word to any of the management who actually give a ***, fire Aisha and get your customer service in line!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Online ordering, Management, Order fulfillment failure, Aisha.

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Some of mine were deleted, some of yours were deleted, but the comments were you posed as me and claimed to work with Aisha in Pioneer, despite living over 100 miles away in Fairfield, are still there.

This just shows how poorly this site has been monitored. They allow impersonation, cyberbullying, harassment, homophobic posts, sexist posts, bullying of the disabled and a lot more illegal things.

I only come on here from time to time to see if things have changed, they have not. The thing is you can complain about anything here except for how poorly the site is being monitored. Once you post a negative complaint about this site you are banned and your review is deleted. Also the site has their favorite members and they try to make people like you look bad by only deleting enough comments to make you look bad.

These are the people who are allowed to cyber bully, make homophobic and sexist posts, impersonate others.

Bully the disabled. The person impersonating you has been doing this for years and usually goes by the name Kevin Richards.

to Not_the_OP Fairfield, California, United States #1148215

I saw that comment. It made no sense and I was very suspicious of it.

Boulder, Colorado, United States #1146050

You shouldn't let this one bad experience ruin Target for you. Target's level of customer service and management is pretty much the same as everybody else's.

The customer service at Target is usually pretty good and the people are usually helpful, but not always.

It depends on the person. You could have a bad experience anywhere, so I say just keep going to Target if you like it.

to Anonymous #1148074

Actually, you said in your first post that she never wrote you up. You later changed it and said that she "just fired" you. I don't think you've worked in retail, but getting written up isn't as bad as getting fired and you usually won't get fired without being written up first.

to Anonymous Fairfield, California, United States #1148213

Okay, I never actually worked at Target. I made the whole thing up.

I don't live in Fairfield. I just said that to make you think I was that other guy because I thought he lives in Fairfield.

I'm not Not_the_OP just that anonymous. I wrote the comment I'm responding to.

to Not_the_0P Fairfield, California, United States #1148528

Okay I admit I didn't see that the review was in Pioneer. I thought it was in Fairfield so I wrote that as where I live.

I also said Fairfield because I thought that was where that other guy lives and I wanted to make people think I was him.

I never worked at Target. I made it all up.


I've had the dubious pleasure of working at Target, and Aisha sounds like a stereotypical Target manager. They will not fire her because she is exactly the kind of person they want in management, apparently. Every single manager at the Target where I worked was arrogant, condescending, lazy, and useless.

to Not_the_OP Markham, Ontario, Canada #1145410

My guess is she wrote you up?

to Anonymous #1148637

I worked at a different Target. I don't live near Pioneer, CA.


I hope a lot of people read you're review, because, this company is totally walking on it's own customers, over and over. It's about time, to let them know, that they are nothing, without they're regular customers.

Although, I won't spend another dime at any of they're stores, they,re corporate headquarters is going to be receiving another letter, explaining why they should start listening to customers, and train they're representatives on using good PR. We have many decent companies to deal with.


Since you went online to place the order, and you had to update your shipping address, then you are the one who made the error somewhere. Online orders are shipped to the address that is shown on the confirmation page.

If you change your shipping address in your account profile, you also have to select the new address from the default address, which is the one you used previously, when confirming the order. It asks you to verify the shipping address before you submit the order.

So in essence, you made a mistake, and got mad that the store could not fix it. So, you refuse to shop at Target because you were careless.

Hesperia, California, United States #1133029

I used to love target as well. I guess they my business.


I said this before and I will say it again. Telling you "no" is not the same as being rude. They are not going to fire her because of your little temper tantrum.

to Anonymous #1133537

Well pardon me if I think that a "manager" in "customer service" should at least attempt to provide decent customer service. I suppose that qualifies as a tantrum?

Lol. Look, it was not just that she upheld a ridiculous policy (seriously what company denies a modification or cancellation to an order unless you meet their ludicrous deadline of 5-10 minutes? It takes longer than that just to get them on the phone) it was her tone of voice and attitude altogether. Completely unprofessional for anyone in the industry, but especially management.

And when I asked to speak with her manager? Her response: "I'm the highest level manager there is." If true, which I very much doubt, for shame!

to Groovykitten #1140960

If you are the one that posted that about abusing your children you are the shameful one.

to Groovykitten #1144895

And due to your interaction with one Target manager you complain that Target has completely incompetent, rude inept management?

You do realize that your are using a very broad brush to paint Target managers at that location as completely incompetent, rude and inept based on your interaction with one Target manager?

How would you feel if someone did that to you?


I highly doubt your current car seat is damaged. A minor parking lot accident would have the force to damage it.

Does it look damage? Did your insurance company even look at it? Why would you take their word for it?

Use your brain and inspect it yourself. If you see no damage you should assume it's in working order.

to MrSharkNasty #1132955


to MrSharkNasty #1133541

I was advised that the car seat could be compromised even if no visable damage is present. Since my 5 year old was hit with the brunt of the impact, I'd rather not take chances. Btw, your name fits you rather well!

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