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Target hustles their night shift employees. Hours are limited, full time employees only get 18 to 24 hours per week.

How are people suppose to live of such money, there is a lot of work, but they won't give us the hours, they hustle us all night and then send us home. They disrespect us because many of us speak limited English, so they think they can talk down to us. Something needs to be done. This is the Target Store in NJ Fairfield.

I want to report them to the labor department because this is not right what they do to us.

They tell us not to ask for more hours, they told us if we call in sick then they will limit our hours even less. That's discrimination....

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That is not discrimination. You do a good job you will get more hours, you call in sick whenever you don't feel like going to work they limit your hours. Why are you even complaining about hours when you constantly call in sick.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Hammond, Indiana, United States #635643

you're a *** ***.

:( :? :p :x :grin

I used to work as a Target flow team member. I'm in so cal.

I saw the same things you did. The lack of hours, according to them, is based on low sales. Whenever they don't meet their daily sales goal, payroll hours get cut. OK, fine, I can understand that, but then don't schedule double trucks.

If sales are that low, why are you stocking more product and scheduling less people to push it?

A union would have a good chance of getting in based on that. I got the *** out of that lousy job and went to cashiering.


Yes, they discriminate against anyone white, educated and affluent. I can not believe some of the pond *** they employ.


Target has crappy prices considering the substandard quality *** they sell. anything brand name can be bought elsewhere for less.

They treat their employees poorly and in turn the employees treat the consumers poorly. In Atlanta, even in the affluent areas they hire uneducated African Americans and Hispanics that treat white people like dirt. Their return policy is ridiculous and they do treat you like you stole something if you don't have a receipt.

Instead of giving so much to charity for which they get a tax break they should pay their employees a decent wage and give them enough hours to qualify for benefits. If you work for Target, start a union and put these losers I'm their place.


they arent saying its hard tough guy, theyre saying they dont like the management. stop acting like you have everything figured out.

and to the other guys some management is just terrible anywhere you look, target is one of those places. good luck


Stop f***ing complaining about your job, there's no set time for you to quit. If it's that terrible QUIT already. Be happy you even have a JOB!


I know how u feel because i still work as a flow member at target. They treated us like slave most of the time.

They give us lot of works and less pay.

They make us work during our 15 mins break.

I can't wait to quit this job...

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198872

Oh grow up nd get a dictionary to learn the meaning of discrimination. If you call in sick then why would they want to give you hours.

You are probably just some lazy employee that wants things handed to them. You should be lucky you are getting any hours with people not having a job.

Either grow up or quit so someone who is not a whiner can work. Quit calling in sick all the time.

to Irish #1413937

These employees are not lazy. They are hard workers at target.

They are treated like slaves at target. Seen it first hand from the top.

Trust me. I guarantee most of them are harder workers than you.


Target store 2132 in Charlotte, NC does the same thing. I worked the night shift for 2 years and the best thing I've ever done was leave that *** hole.

They treat EVERYONE like ***. I was threatened to be terminated because I went to the bathroom twice in one night.

There was one time where I was kneeling down to put something on the bottom shelf and I kneeled on a piece of broken glass that sliced through my pants and gashed my knee. I had a blood stain down the front of my pants from my knee to my foot.

They wouldn't let me go home because they "were only allowed to open the doors at certain times" (***!). And they wouldn't let me requisition a pair of pants off of the salesfloor. So, for six hours, I walked around with blood all over my pants. Real sanitary and safe considering I was working in grocery that night.

I'm pretty sure that is a health hazzard for people buying groceries..

Complaining to management has never done a thing. They don't care about ANYTHING or ANYBODY except themselves and where they are all going for lunch that day.

I have the 800 number programed in my phone because I have to call it so often. Target is by far the worst company I have ever worked for.


Probably is National because they also mistreat employees at N. Allen in Texas.

Same tactics they hussle the workers to the max. so they can finish in record time. Seems to me that they one the workers to do less hours, they are mostly women. Somebody need to bring the U.S Labor Department.

There is a woman boss named Stephanie who scream at workers all night long, some people just quit because they can't take the screaming bossy woman all night. Is ther a tel.

# for the Labor Dept. ?


I have to assume that Target limits the number of true full time employees -- that is, those that work at least 32-40 hours a week -- on its payrolls so that it does not have to pay out or provide better benefits. It is a cost-cutting strategy.

Of course the company benefits, but its employees are left to fend on their own. And, if a catastrophe strikes like a heart attack or any other medical disaster, or even an accident... the employe is probably going to be financially destroyed. However, they do have good prices for the consumer...

but part of me is hard-pressed to find out how much corporate workers and the owners/or shareholders make off the backs of minimum-wage laborers in their stores, as opposed to this cost-cutting measure actually lowering just prices of goods sold at the stores?

In all fairness, though, the work is high-school level when it comes to skill sets needed for the jobs provided there..

and the high school labor market might be willing to work for the skimpy and loose wages that no working adult in their right mind could ever really subsist on, which gives the impression that the company is more concerned about pulling a profit and spending large amounts of money polishing their corporate image through donations to good and noble causes (of course, for free corporate advertising... would they do it without having the company logo attached?) than it is providing a livable, viable wage in the cities it finds itself doing business in.


Why would he want to learn english, is this england? Learn American instead.


They are cutting the wharehosue hours here. Senority does not matter.

My husband has the highest senority, and they just got cut, Now we cant make our car payment. They need to unionize.


All Target stores do this. Target is actually a horrible company to work for. The "executives" or managers with an ego cut employee hours to get bigger bonuses.

Juarez, Durango, Mexico #25329

A job is hard?! Manual labor is hard? Who would have thunk it.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #16180

well you have other options, why not quit and move into your parents basement.


Target is a retail business... nobody is a full time employee unless you are a level 2 or 3 or a salaried exec.

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