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I visited Target for the first time in a while and will not bother doing so again, Target have completely lost sight of the customer, I do not remember being employed by Target so why do I have put my own purchasers through the check outs, take of the coat hangers from clothes and put them in the corresponding bin, also where are the staff, what happened to them all, what a cold experience. I will now shop online and not with Target, as they do not deserve my custom.

We need to change the culture of no staff and self serving unless for under 5 items.

I do not care to have to call someone to help me, I WANT SOMEONE TO SERVE ME AT THE CHECKOUT!!!! I want human contact for crying out loud.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh you poor misanthropic entitled creature!! You had to do for yourself!!

I mean TOTALLY horrible that YOU had to do something!!! Get over yourself princess. You want cheap prices you deal with the repercussions. In order to hire more ppl they would have to raise the prices A LOT!!

So as long as YOU are going to coupon, bargain buy, and be as CHEAP as you can you will have to get used to it.

Nothing as deplorable as a self entitled person who thinks that THEY matter more then anyone else. I mean exactly where do you think the money comes from to keep them going?


What is nasty about your experience?You Did Not include That information in your complaint.


Target has both self serve and regular checkouts. It was your choice to pick a self checkout line.

Of course you would have had to wait in a regular line. They don't have many cashiers. Stores have to control expenses somehow in order to compete with the on-line stores. Cutting payroll is the most controllable expense a store has.

Rent, taxes, utilities aren't things they can cut back on to save money but payroll is easy to cut. No wonder so many brick and mortar stores are closing.

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