Three times I went in for an advertised item, all 3 times they were out of it, or had no idea that it was even advertised!! One was fancy feast cat food.

About 5 of the flavours had a sale price under it, but the one flavour I wanted didn't have the sale ticket under it. I asked an employee, who then called someone on the phone only to be told again that the flavour I wanted was not on sale!! That made no sense!! I have bought that brand for 10 years and never ran into that before, she preceded to tell me that some sales are like that!!

lol. Then, I still went back when they had a picture of a comforter set with matching curtains, well they had no curtains and had no idea where to even look for them, an employer said he would go find out, however, he never did come back to tell me!!

So glad to hear the store will be closing, sure miss our Zellers!!!

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Some sales are selected varieties.. Not All varieties..

And if you're really concerned about the price, you can always leave it with cashier! As far as him not coming back, you probably wandered off!


How are they supposed to pay Greg his GOLDEN packaged if you don't pay full price for yout CATS FOOD. Get real paid the full price your CAT AND GREG deserve it!!!!1

Baudette, Minnesota, United States #813161

You sound like the clueless one maybe mommy or daddy should have been with you to explain to you that the item you wanted was not on sale, stores do this often, sell same items of different flavors for less if they don`t sell well. I know you are a young child but if you were an adult you would realize that there are thousands if not ten thousands of items in the store and they don`t know where each and every item is, also if you want the sale items tell your mommy and daddy to take you earlier on to the store instead of last minute. Yeah using expressions such as LOL online you must be 11.


Sounds more like clueless consumer. You clearly have never worked retail.

Do you have any idea how many items are on sale at a giving time in big box stores like Target? It's impossible to know them all. It makes sense that not everything is on-sale. The more popular items/flavors often do not need to go on-sale to sell.

It also gives consumers something to compare the price with making them seem like they are getting a great deal. Finally it's impossible to know where everything is in the store especially some random item that no one ever wants and you're the first person to ever ask for it.

You really should try working in a major retail chain for 1 year and find out how informed and silly you really are. Everyone honestly should be required by law to take a class on how to be good consumer.

to Educator Baudette, Minnesota, United States #813163

She can`t USA has labor laws that do not allow children such as the OP working.

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