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Today I called Target to ask why my account was disabled and found out it had been closed! I asked why and was transferred to the Bankruptsy deparment!

Apparently Target credit services recieved a letter from an attorney in my town stating that I was considering bankruptcy...nothing could be further from the truth! They even acted like it was my fault! I got the name and number of the attorney and called him and HE didn't know what they were talking about! I called them back, and of course they reopened my account, but I don't want that I want to know why they took this action against me without any consultation!

I also gave the attorney, whose name is on the letter, the number so he could call but he doesn't think they will talk to him since it is third party. He did say that they may have broken a consumer law -reach of contract or something and that I may have a case. I don't know about all that but I am concerned as to how a company can take action against me with absolutely no contact with me! All of this is completely false and when I asked for a copy of the letter in questions I was told that they didn't have it ..just the information on the file. I told them that I knew better and that they had a hard copy or microfiche of that letter somewhere. I was told then by the Target rep that "she would do some research and try to find it" I told her that I contacted the attorney in question and he wanted a copy also. I am not sure what to do from here. I plan to send a certified letter requesting a copy of the original correpsondence from the attorney. Then what?

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