All I can say is that the Target on City Line Ave in Philadelphia is unbelievably crappy.

They hire the most ghetto teenagers who do nothing but stand around all day laughing, flirting, and shouting at each other.

One day 2 of them were even taking turns using the F-word right in the bread aisle. I seriosuly think they just hire anyone

who has a red tshirt. Meanwhile, many times there doesn't seem to be anything in stock. An item that's on sale is guaranteed to be sold out.

Half the items don't have any kind of price tag by them so you wind up walking across the store to the nearest scanner ( I think there's maybe 4 in the entire store). You HAVE to scan everything you pick up because if you don't, you will get over-charged. Just the other day I got charged $4.79 for a box of oatmeal that was supposed to be $3.29, the regular price. I don't understand how a company that pretends that they're so upper-crust can let one of their stores be so trashy.

Unfortunately, this is the only all-purpose store that's close to me so I guess I'm stuck with it.

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and you do know that MrsLea is a pyscho?


How is saying "ghetto teenagers" racist? You do know there are ghetto white teenagers right?


This store really sucks they only hire friends and family members i filled out an application and i called their and a little girl told me on the phone that they only hire friends and family i was thinking why i did'nt get a call anyways their all come up here from the ghetto parts of phila and i really don't think it's fair for so many can't even get a job in their own neighborhood


Ghetto teenagers"?....that seems a. Little racist


Huh. When was I on City Line Avenue?


Stuck is the right word. To bad you have to put up with rotten people iin a big store like that.

But if you got no choice you got no choice. Grin and bear it.


I saw a young girl @ Target on City Line Ave, get her butt whipped today, by her mom, in the store, back by the clothes aisle!!

You are totally right, it is ghetto in their!!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26037

Well if the employees are using the F word instead of working you should have complained to a manager. Just standing around and talking normally looks bad, but using foul language just makes things look worse. Especially if there are small children nearby.

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