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I purchase a Stainless Steel Chefmate pot at Target and after a couple of months it has rust all over the inside of the pot. I call Target and they can't do a thing because it is a manufacturer problem and need to call Chefmate!

They gave the 1800 303 0308 as the Chefmate number and guess what it was Target again finally after talking to the Manager they told me since I don't have the receipt or packaging I am on my own!! How can Target sell a Stainless Pot that rust!!!?

I've had pots that are 20 years old clearing stating they are Stainless Steel and have never had rust specially on the inside. This pot is disgusting with all rust specks inside Chefmate products are horrible!!!

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Contact your State Atty General and report this misrepresentation of product.

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