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Of the 30+ cash registers at my local Target Superstore it is rare to find more than 4 or 5 open. Lines have to back up before the "Team Members" standing around chatting will open more.

When they do open more, they direct people appoaching the register area to the opening register rather than taking the people that are waiting in line.

Either Target needs to get rid of a bunch of those registers so I don't come to the front of their store expecting to find a register with a short line or they should convert some lines to self check out lines if they don't want to hire cashiers to operate the registers they have.

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Why are lots of target team member on consumer sites? Quit being a homer Tar-bot and see what we all see. THE REAL WORLD !!!!

Hartsburg, Illinois, United States #21866

The teammeber you see standing infront of the register is the GSTL, Guest Service Team Lead. Having all registers open is pointless, they are there for when back up are need and days like the day after thanksgiving, where you will see most open on that day.

All registers have a button on it that will send out a call to all employees who have walkies requesting backup. Target trains employees to have a 1 + 1 method. One being checked out, and one waiting. If that is exceeded, then either a cashier will hit the button or the GSTL will ask for people to come up.

It takes a minute or two for people to off the floor and to start ringing.

ALL TEAMMEMBERS no matter what place they work in were trained their first two days to in work the lanes.

As for self checkout alot more guest have troubles with them than you might think.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #20828

That just sounds like a typical retail store. Unfortunately Kmart and Wal-mart is the same.

I guess they want to cut wages because they know that there are people willing to wait for a long time to get buy their items because it costs less. In other words they make the same profit but make customers wait longer.

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