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All I wanted was to buy a towel. At the first register, I waited behind another customer for 3 minutes, and when that transaction was done and it was my turn the cashier asked me to go to another register.

At the register she sent me to, where there was no one checking out and no one waiting, that cashier asked me to go to the service desk. I just wanted to pay for the towel! Why does the customer have to dance around for Target's convenience?

It's my last trip to Target.

I won't miss it. There's plenty of other options.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Oh you are complaining about waiting three whole minutes. You cannot even wait that long, how old are you four?

Next time go with a parent so they can entertain you.

These things happen get a life, I can understand if you were in line for ten minutes or more and they put you in another line. If this is what makes your life miserable I would hate to be married to you or to live with you.

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