The plan was to only buy phone cards, but i ended up buying more. I bought my nephews and nieces pajamama sets; they were on CLEARANCE!!!and I also got me a bag of truffle chocolate that was by the register.

I went on base to do more shopping. On my way home, i started eating the melted chocolate; it was hot and i left the bag in the back seat. When i was eating a piece, i happened to see the receipt laying in the can holder. I looked at it and saw the total amount.

My gut feeling told me to match the price with the stuff i bought. As soon as i got home, i started looking at them one by one. Come to find out, i was charged an extra bag of chocolate and another sweater. In addition to this, only 3 out of 10 items were scanned right!!!

I hurried back to Target and told customer service the reason. Suggested to just return my money and i will buy them again, the right price this time. The man's name was PAT; he decided he would rung me the difference... later on, he started getting confused!

he then left me with this lady name Victoria; didn't even told me he would be leaving and she would continue...awesome CUSTOMER SERVICE eh? Victoria started helping me, then she said, there you go, i already put them all back to your card...i looked at the receipt and asked her to do her math and match the receipt she gave me back with my old one, they didn't MATCH! finally, she got it right; however, the phone rang, and started helping the customer on the phone. The line was getting longer, told her i'd be back.

When i came back, she was in the photo area, telling my story to her co workers and decided TOWAN would help me. I told TOWAN, he's the 3rd person to help me. Even though i was there for 30 mins., i still want to thank TOWAN, VICTORIA, AND PAT for providing the BEST customer service ever to me. They handled the situation pretty welll.

By the way, the cashier that rung me up, she scanned the white bar instead of the clearance sticker, she saw that they were on clearance, informed me, they were great bargain, but decided not to change the price knowing the price on the tag didn't match on the screen. She charged me extra $14 dollars!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #250862

I did not ask for your opinion loser you probaby work for target loser.


it doesn't matter if she scanned the white bar or typed in the clearance ticket. The numbers are coordinated. So obviously the item wasn't really on clearance and you just got lucky that someone put a clearance sticker on it.

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