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I was checking out and paying with a check and was advised that the would not take my check. It was not for insufficient funds but due to my infrequent purchase history with the corporation.

The customer service rep suggested that this is for my protection and I should make more purchases of smaller amounts. This purchase was for 250.00 and this is not the first time this has happened to me in the Pleasant Prairie, WI store. The other case was using a check on separate purchases 2 weeks apart even after they cashed my checked which cleared my bank.

Each time has caused me unnecessary embarrassment in a crowded store and inconvenience with making purchases. I suggest a review of your check policy as there is nothing posted in the store that suggests such a policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Foreign customer service, No published policy on check payments, Uninformed and un-knowledgeable customer service advocates.

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What SHOULD cause you embarrassment is writing a check making all other customers behind you wait in 2018!!!


I didn't like: Foreign customer serviceSo the customer service rep Did Not speak English?So what language Did the customer service rep speak since you stated that you did not like the Foreign customer service?Or was customer service just strange?The above is what foreign means.


Quit using an outdated form of payment. Checks are a huge risk for any business.

Cash is always safe. Credit cards have always been fairly risk free for stores and the new chip cards are even more secure. With checks a store is always at risk that funds won't be in the bank to cover the check. Returned checks are a pain to collect if a store ever collects on a check.

It's a wonder stores accept checks at all anymore.

Use a debt card or credit card. Keep in mind that for security reasons you are always better off using a credit card.

to Anonymous #1455489

Debit cards are not a safe form of payment for the consumer as they can be corrupted more frequently and easily than checks. The company verifies the account to ensure the funds are in the account when checking out and photo id confirms the person presenting the check. I rarely see anyone present a photo id when using a debit card even if they have the pin.

to ExcitableGermanPinscher #1455703

Sure, money may be there at the time of purchase but may be gone by the time the check hits the bank. As was mentioned credit cards are a more secure form of payment.

With a debit card money is removed from your account at the time of the transaction.

You can dispute the transaction but that leaves your account drained until it is resolved. With a credit card you can dispute the charge and not make payments until the dispute is resolved.

to Anonymous #1460740

Um....checks clear almost immediately nowadays. If you don't have the money in the bank at the time the check is run, then it gets rejected.

It's electronic. Just like a debit card.

It doesn't take 3 days to clear anymore like they did around 20 years ago. That's why it's given back to you after it's run through the machine & printed.

to Anonymous #1463423

Some stores don't clear checks until the next day or two, once it is picked up by the respective money units. The next day the cash office person has to inter the check manually into the system and then it gets picked up. This is why most places have a 5 day waiting period for returns that were paid with a check.

to ExcitableGermanPinscher #1466047

Actually, most stores DON'T need an ID for a check payment & they just hand the check back to you anyway after it's been processed. People think it's still like the 90's when checks took around 3 days to process.

They are instant now. This is why I don't understand why people still use this ancient form of payment that just wastes time for other customers in line having to wait for someone to write out a check.

to Samantha #1466283

that would be typical for people that need instant gratification and usually have no idea of the concept of money. They use credit and debit cards with little idea of actually how much they spend.

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