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Bought 3 electronic gifts for my grandchildren. Two earphones and a Leap Frog.

The total was 512.00. I gave the clerk my ID and a check for the amount. He submitted it and it was rejected. Called your 800 number and was told that even though the check was good that it was rejected because I don't have a history with you and therefore am limited to $100 maximum.

Your electronic system had my bank account number and was able to verify the check was good but still rejected it. I paid cash and left shaking my head at such an unbelievable policy. Turning down a solid good check electronically!

I wasn't asking for cash back, just trying to pay for a purchase! What a weird policy!

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Join us in the year 2000 and use a debit card. Checks are a risk. Get with the times.


The worst thing about all this is not I am forced to tell my grandchildren that they will not be getting any Christmas gifts this year because I am mad at them.

to Anonymous Madison, South Dakota, United States #897043

Actually the worst part of this is that YOU THINK you have to spend that much on three gifts. How about limiting each gift to no more than $20.00 and then start shopping early enough in the year that you can buy one item a month. Quit your whining and grow up.

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