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I was shopping at target yesterday,(5-13-11,I got in line to check out,the Cashier said "I'm closed",so I said thank-you and walked away,as I turn to leave,two other ladies walked in her line and she proceeded to check them out.Now their is a problem here,why did she not help me? and help the ladies that was behind me?

Is this a "Racial thing?? or what? I treat everybody the same,it does not matter to me.I just want to know why?? My grand-daughter was with me,she said,why did she do that?

what am I to say? I shop at Target sometime 3 to 4 times a week.What I spend their,might pay some salary.Mrs.A Wilson

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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well you could have just asked for an explanation because it's not like we were there to see what happened.


I agree most likely the people behind her only had one or two things and this person had a buggy full and turning it into something racial. Why is it in America and in Canada if we want to treat someone like *** they have to be the same colour as we are?


It's possible that she was taking the next person in line, you know, the one that had been waiting before you just walked up and assumed you should be next in line.

The racial card is getting old. Maybe coinsider other reasons before jumping to that conclusion.


The first question you should be asking yourself is "how much *** did I have piled into my cart"?

It is very possible you had a lot of things that would have forced the employee to stay past his/her shift. Since employees are strongly encouraged to punch in and out on time, you would have gotten him/her in trouble.

Honestly though, the fact that you pulled the "race card" really makes your argument difficult to care about. Stop assuming everyone is racist and understand that there are other motives.


I would complain to management, it was not Target's fault (although I don't like Target) the fault was that of the associate. You know ignorance is O.K. because you can learn, but *** is *** and that clerk was ***.

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