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I went to the Target store on Eastern Ave in Las Vegas today and asked if they could make a donation to the Las Vegas Mission sock drive on April 13th, (of socks that were marked down 70%) and was very shabbily treated by Elyssa who identified herself as a manager. The upshot is Target claims all over the place to be so community minded but this interaction proved otherwise.

I was told they would not be able to make any donation, saying she has no discretion at the store level yet in the same breath saying the store contributions were already exhausted for the year, and it is only April 9th. This after I have purchased $35 worth of socks myself yesterday to give. It seemed not to matter that I am a regular "guest" to use her word. Target is not at all generous.

When I asked who I could talk to make a request/provide feedback, all she could do was refer me to an 800 number. I asked for her card and she first told me that she had none after showing me the display at the front of the store bragging about their generosity, yet then did come up with one with her name and title. And then she said she would have to ask me to leave........and I had not once raised my voice or made any aggressive act towards here or anyone else. After that I put all the socks on the rack where I found them, then went to pay for an item for personal use and left the store.

My opinion of Target has not improved; they are not generous, they are just a corporate behemoth using the so called giving as a corporate ploy. I have a RedCard but have far less reason to use it going forward.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Shoddy treatment at a store where I spend lots of money annually.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: How i was treated by a manager, Supreme cheapness, Lack of respect, T is about to lose my business.

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Orange, California, United States #973316

Why not buy the socks yourself and donate them. You are cheap and uncaring. I bet you wanted the socks for yourself and lied about charity hoping they would give them to you for free.

to KevinRichards Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #974239

Actually I did. three bags full of socks and 4 pairs of shoes and toiletries and a bunch more went to the charity.

The hole point of this was to ask Target to match just the socks I donated. I buy lots of stuff from Target to donate to charity.

Not sure giving away stuff qualifies me for your insults but go for it....not something that concerns me one bit what you think about all this. Have a good day KevinRichards.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #970486

"Hey can you hand over some free merchandise for this charity I'm a part of. I promise it's legit."

I am sure you are on the up-and-up, however that is what it sounds like to a store employee when you just come in asking for donations.

How to get donations from Target: 1 Make sure your nonprofit's program is in one of the five areas that Target serves.

2 Write a detailed grant proposal

3 Pay attention to deadlines. Target accepts grant proposals between March 1 and May 31 each year.

4 Use Target's online grant application system to email your grant proposal, grant application and related documents Read more :

to MattD78 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #974244

That would work for large donations. Store managers of most chains have some discretionary giving dollars they give out on request at local stores.

Target did at both stores I asked after this pretty lousy first attempt. The response was not one that the manager approved, the person I first dealth with made all her responses up; she should have just referred me to the manager and left at that. Instead she ended up treating a regular customer very poorly. I asked for a match of a prior purchase and had my receipts to show all my shopping if there was any doubt.

I was able to also provide the non-profit's contact info, 501c3 info and all that...and then each store mngr got thank you notes with the info about the sock and shoe drive and the programs the charity offers to homeless people. It ended well, but started off very badly.


Some of the things that Target donates to: Education, in the form of books, field trips, free museum days, food pantries, etc.

St/ Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Food Donations to Feeding America(which is nationwide.)

How much more do you want them to do?


Grow up! Most businesses have certain organizations that they donate to.

It is very possible that they have expired their donations for the year. This could be done by making the donations to each one of the charities that they donate to, in lump sums. You might not have raised your voice or been aggressive, but you were argumentative.

You could have just thanked her for her time and left.

to anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #970386

Interesting reply since you were not likely present to hear the corporate doublespeak. I did thank her, put the socks back on the shelf, paid for one personal item and left.

But this altered my previously benevolent undeserved reputation of Target to that of Walmart.

What I learned was not pleasing about a store I have patronized for decades. Target plays on being generous; I learned that Target is not generous; it also tries to trade on phony intimacy of calling me a guest and phony generosity when what they really do it was Walmart does: suck money out of the local community, pay minimum wage or close to it and give very little. They did not treat me as a guest in the least and my long time loyalty mattered not in the least. They are no better or worse than Walmart, a store I will not patronize, and do not deserve my loyalty.

That being said I will make purchases where my business matters; Target won't care but I will and so will the mom and pop business I patronize and the charity I give to. Not patronize a corporation like Target.

Now that I have asked around, others tell me the same story about Target's lack of generosity. End of story.

to Anonymous #971062

Stores do have hoops they have to jump through in order to make donations. Most retailers have organizations they work with regularly that they don't have to do anything special to get donations approved, such as feeding America or children's miracle network, but outside of their regular charities, they usually need a letter submitted by the beginning of the year starting what is needed, then they have a committee ( sometimes at store level, sometimes higher) that decides who they will give to out of those. By the way, when I worked for walmart, we raised $10,000 for our local mission one year.

to anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #970727

Outcome has changed for the better; Yesterday I went to the other nearby Target store I shop and got an immediate affirmative response from the store manager to match my $36 sock purchase, using a gift card; I went and picked out more socks, so now I had one match. While there I talked to a friendly line manager who I interact with often, who sees me in the store most every visit - she suggested I go back to first store and ask for Haylie, the store manager.

Haylie was very helpful and helped make it happen, I was able to provide the non-profits info, and I got $36 gift card number 2, used it to by more socks, so now had a double match. Haylie was aware of what had happened the previous afternoon, was very and sincerely apologetic and thanked me for coming back to talk with her. She said the person I spoke previously at her store was out of line, did not have any authority regarding store donations; it turned out I had been lied to me several times the day before. What she should have done was tell me yes, the store does make donations and direct me to the manager and advise me how to do that.

So a really negative encounter at a store I patronize more than most, turned a bad situation into one that benefited local homeless people through the socks and all the other stuff I will take to the shoe and sock drive on Sunday. Thank you cards have been sent to both store managers. While there some lingering negative, I hope that goes away soon as it is not something I welcome.

This should have been a win-win feel good experience all around. Thanks to Target managers Monique, Haylie and Chris, it has now become one.

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