Today I found out Target has a new policy. If you use your credit or debit card and not the Target red card, you get charged 5% on top of your purchase.

I'm not sure, but this may be in violation of the Federal racketeering laws. I'm sure the FTC will also be interested in this. I will not shop Target anymore. This is unbfair to the consumers.

Prices for goods are high enough already.

It's rediculous. You buy an item on sale, and pay an extra 5% to purchase it just because you don't have a Target debit or Target credit red card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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I don't shop at Target and would never consider getting a "Red Card" charge card from them.
However, I do appreciate your input regarding this post.
One matter I do know about and take exception with, though, is your recommendation to talk to someone in guest services or on the management team. I personally know from a very distasteful experience that no one in customer services will help you when you have a problem at Target.
I do thank you for taking your time to comment on this site. Perhaps other people would like to give their input, too. 8)

I do not officially represent Target by any means while I type this, but I work for Target and I shop nearly exclusively at Target. I do not myself use a Red Card as I prefer to use cash for all transactions.

I can assure you that your claims are completely false. I encourage everyone to go shop at Target, grab some items at regular price, some at sale price... jot down the prices on a piece of paper. Watch them ring up. Watch what happens when you swipe your card. I assure you that the price will NOT change unless you are using a Red Card, in which case it will go down.

The only addition you will see to your bill is your states applicable taxes and fees. Is that what is causing confusion?

You should also feel free and comfortable to approach guest service and the management team at the store you shop at about this issue. They'll be more than happy to explain what I just have.


I'm sure this isn't true. and Anonymous, shut the f**k up. you're just a *** with no common sense.


Yes, that's right, they just add 5% to your bill if you don't pay with a Target card. *snort* Sweetie you are hilariously ***. Good luck with that racketeering investigation...


I can honestly say that I have never seen that happen, and I work at Target as a cashier. I have never seen anyone's price go up for not using a REDcard.

The only thing that happens is that you will not save the 5% that would come off by using your REDcard. I'm not sure where you got this information, but it's false.

Umm...It's called a 5% discount for using the Red Card - not a 5% surcharge for using everything else :upset . It's the same thing as some stores offering a cash discount.

Thanks for the warnng!

Please keep us updated with a follow up to your investigating into racketeering laws.

Please also name Target in the title of your complaint so that everyone will know who is trying to perpetrate this against us.

Thank you again for posting your warning. It will be interesting to see what transpires in this matter.

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