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I order with Target on 9/27/2012 and with the order being over $75, Target would give you a promotional $15 gift card. This promotional gift card was not to be charge to my visa, but it was.

I called Target had to get a Sup on the phone after haveing to ask the CR many times to get one and the Sup tells me Target can not ship something out with out auth the card first. WTF This is a Free Promotional Gift Card, I didn't even ask for it and your going to Auth my card (but it endded up charging my account for the "Free" Promotional Gift Card). I have never shopped with a online store that when it sends out a promotional gift card or something it Charges you! It has not been resloved, I will be disputing this with my Visa.

VS gives out promotional gift cards and items and doesn't need to auth the card same with Nordstroms ect.

If its a Promotional item there is No resoson to Auth and end turn charge me for it!!! Soooo Done with Target Online.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #914132

Thought the same thing about a target card promotion then went back and looked at what my original purchase was charged as. The original charge was the exact amount of the card less than what it should have been and then the card was charged.

So I still paid what I thought I would pay and got the card.

You might could check to see if your purchase for the promotion was actually charged $15 less so that it equals out like mine did. If not then yes that was a bad deal and you should get the money back.

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