I ordered a flat Iron, online from Target, to take on vacation with me. Because I wanted it before I left, I paid for expideted shipping.

When the item did not arrive on the date it was promised, I called to cancel the order. The clerk told me the order could not be cancelled because the order form had already gone to the warehouse. When I explained that I no longer needed the product because it didn't arrive when promised, and didn't want to pay for expided service because it was already too late, the clerk said she would take care of it. Guess what!

It arrived more than a week late, and I was charged for expideted service. Crummy service, crummy employee.

Apparently she said she would take care of it just to get me off of the phone. I hope I get to return the favor someday.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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So Sad:
You win the LMAO award of the day!! :grin :grin

Expided? Edpideted?

You spelled it two separate ways and neither was correct.

Its "expedited". Learn some proper grammar.

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