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My mom and I were at Target and went at the same time to try on clothes. The lady did not count my moms clothes, but when I told her 5 she made sure to take them out of my hand and count them.

I understand that younger adults are looked at for shop lifting, but I had no purse on me and was with my own mother? I would never shoplift no matter who I'm with. There always so rude at the dressing room that sometimes I avoid it and just put the clothes back. Come on your job is not hard you sit on your *** all day and give out numbers.

Try having better customer service and not make the customer feel like ***. Thanks.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #679823

How old are you, little girl? You sound like you are in elementary school.

The changing room attendant does more than sit around, handing out numbers all day. They also have to pick up the changing rooms/fitting rooms. After somebody leaves the fitting room, the attendant has to take any garments that were left in the fitting room out and get the room ready for the next customer. From what you have described, there wasn't anything rude in the attendant's behavior.

For your information a person doesn't need a purse in order to shop lift, there are numerous ways customers can walk out of a store with clothing and not pay for them. Grow up, little lady!

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