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On Cyber Monday my wife and I carefully picked out online the best Playstation 3 bundle deal we could find for a Christmans present for the kids - it was at The bundle had the PS3, two games, the Move bundle and 2 Dualshock controllers.

It was a pretty penny, but with the two controllers, move bundle and games it was the best deal we thought. We saved the webpage describing the bundle, and saved the webpage confirming our order which included teh clearly listed "2 Dualshock 3 controllers" - pretty clear that we were paying for 2 controllers right. Well, we got our shipment, minus one of the games and with only one dualshock controller (we have 3 kids). I called customer service thinking it was a minor issue that we could get remedied in time for Christmas.

Instead, they told me the 2 controllers was a mistake and they changed the bundle contents sometime after we paid and before they shipped it. They wont offer us a controller, a refund or anything. They will reimburse for the game, but apparently they didnt like what they sold me, and so changed it - and will keep my money and too bad for me.

I believe this is basic contract law stuff here, you can't offer me something, take my money and confirm what I paid for and then change the deal without even asking me if I still want to give them my $450 for it!!! They did suggest I go to a store and basically beg the local manager to honour the deal their website gave me - but also aknowledged I am likely wasting my time.

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