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I placed an order online on Black Friday and like any normal person, I verified the shipping address online and didn't look at the email confirmation right away. Two days later they sent me a confirmation that the first part of my order had shipped and i looked at the address and the street was changed to a random street that I had never heard of it and didn't even know existed in my town.

I called their customer service and they told me that when you place an order, you have 30 minutes to cancel or change it or else your stuck. I told them that I had entered the street correctly and their system must have changed it but they refused to update the address for the rest of the order or to cancel the rest of it. They said there was nothing they could do because I didn't realize what happened in that 30 minute time frame after I placed my order. Now, basically, my order is going to some random house in my town and I have to hope that they return the packages to target so I can get a refund.

Otherwise I'm stuck paying no matter what.

Don't order from them online, its so not worth the hassle. They didn't want to help in the slightest and it didn't help that the last person I spoke to didn't speak english very well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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New Bern, North Carolina, United States #583289

I needed to make a change on my order as well. Too bad it took 12 minutes to actually talk to a person so that 30 minute window is subject to however long it takes to wander through their automated phone ***!


Tasha what the he ll are you talking about? I see that you are critical of how everyone types on here yet, I see that you spelled the word "don't" wrong and forgot the "t" at the end, and I believe you forgot to add the word "how" in between the words "know" and "to".

Get a da mn life b i t c h! Have a great night c u n t!


You are welcome Scoot! Yes, you should be able to change your address anytime!

You already paid for the merchandise and I don't see why Target could not help you with this! It's not that hard for them to change an address in their system!


I totally agree with Anonymous! There are people who will try anything to make your complaint seem like it is nothing!

It's probably people who work for Target.

Whoever it is that tries to discredit the complaints of others are @ssholes plain and simple, and they can fu ck off! I hope target goes out of business!


It sounds like Targets address matching/verification software changed your address. It happens with certain websites depending on the address verification software they use and if your address is added correctly in their software. I wish you the best of luck.


Target is famour for taking your money and having every reason or making every excuse for not being able to help you. They are horrible.

If you read the posts to this site, you will see that when it comes to correcting their own mistake, you are on your own. Ignore the attack dogs of who will call you every name in the book and ridicule your complaint. There are many of us who have had it with Target and their lame policies. Boycott them where you can and let everyone know about your experience.

I hope you didn't invest too much money because I'm afraid that it may well be lost money. I certainly hope that when it goes to the wrong address, it is returned and you do get credited. That has not been the experience of most of us, though.

Good luck getting this resolved to your satisfaction. Lessons learned at Target are expensive and embarrasing.

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