I was checking out and I wrote a check, the cashier ran it through (or did the action), then said my check would not go through, I asked him what the problem was, since I knew I had funds in my account. He did not know and I would have to call 800 number to find out why.

I had to ask him to call the manager over, one manage came and said the same thing, a second manager came over and said the same thing, I asked for the 800 number and I was going to call on my cell. None of them had the 800 number. Because I would not leave until they gave me the number to call the 2nd manager decided to try the check again, guess what it when through. All of the employees including the manager made me feel like a ***, and my business was not important to them.

Targets people need to know what serving is, the first manager should have have tried to run the check through to make sure the cashier did it correctly, guess what he did not do it correctly.

Non of the managers thought this was important and did not care. If target does not care about there customers, maybe then I just business to Walmart.

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