We made a purchase at the Target store in Portage,MI. We spent over $102.

The cashier put the receipt tape in backwards so the receipt did not print. She walked in a snail like pace to the front desk to request help. It was too late to reprint a receipt. The manager came down and said that she had to "go upstairs" to print the receipt.

After waiting about 10 minutes I suggested that we return the items and repurchase them. They couldn't do that, they couldn't return without a receipt, and receipt look-up wasn't available for 24 hours. We were stuck. After waiting for about 45 minutes, the manager took our number and said she would call us.

So after wasting all of that time, we still left the store without a receipt.

We weren't even offered a discount coupon for our inconvenience. I will think twice about visiting this store ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $102.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220108

Zachary only used that word because he quoted you. he did not know it was hateful.

You however knew exactely what you were doing when you posted that. ALso to tell a 12 year old in that way shape and form how to use that term is just disgusting.

I hope you don't teach your son this. While you are at it maybe you could give your other son up for adoption with is older brother that way at least he can learn good morals and values.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220107

If my son was born disabled I would give him up for adoption. I gave my son up for adoption when he was two years old.

No need for shame on the family. My dsonwas diagnosed as Down syndrome when he still could not walk at two, and was not potty trained yet. He would be around your age now(turning 14 on March 19th) Then we had my other son (born November 25th 2003)who is normal. That raspberry cashier ruined his birthday.

I will not allow a cripple to ruin my son't birthday. No way No how. My other son whom I am ashamed of is not as smart as you. Right now he is in a home with someone who adopted another child who is a deformity.

They like adopting deformed children. I miss my son sometimes. His name was Steve but they changed it to Kyle. Anyways my son though he is now 14 functions like an 8 year old.

I still keep in touch with his adoptive home. Soon my other son will be smarter than him. He will at most be like an eleven year old the doctors don't think he can function past the stage of an eleven year old. Had to give him up to avoid shame in the family.

Hopefully he will never work and take up tax payers money like the the raspberry cashier is doing. Also the person who posted. I am surprised she did not give her proud disabled daugter up for adoption. Must be strong for that.

I would not tolerate this.

I would have given her up for adoption. If the disablity resulted in adulthood then I would not call her to important parties which I have non relatives over no need to bring shame to the family and the cashier and the lady posting about her disabled child in a car accident should be ashamed of herself.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220104

Not an abortion, everyone has a right to life. She should have giving the child up for adoption so that he would not be taught to hate people.


What's really a shame is his mother didn't have an abortion before he was born. Maybe if she had swallowed..

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219628

It's a shame that your wife would lie to get somebody fired just because she discriminates against disabled people.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219407

Okay my wife had to lie about the cashier posting the receipt tape in backwards. My wife used to be a cashier and things like this could cost her her job.

This never happened.

Isn't it a shame that my cashier has to lie to try and get her fired when she should not be working anyways. The sad thing is she still has a job because appaerntly they did some research and had cameras and found out this never happened.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219406

Okay my wife had to lie about the cashier posting the receipt tape in backwards. My wife used to be a cashier and things like this could cost her her job.

This never happened.

Isn't it a shame that my cashier has to lie to try and get her fired when she should not be working anyways. The sad thing is she still has a job because appaerntly they did some research and had cameras and found out this never happened.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219197

Well if you are smart you won't tell the raspberry that they were not hired because they are disabled. You just lie to them and say we found someone else.

Why should I the customer have to lose valuable time with some cripple who can't walk. The government is supposed to take care of them. Also to that mother whose daughter is abusing the system by working she should be getting money from he government. This is what our tax dollars go to to keep the "Forrest Gumps" out of the work force so that normal people can work.

Also she can't see that well so that is another thing. I hope that invalid lost her job.


1. There are very specific policies that all employers must follow when hiring people.

2. If you don't hire a pyhsically impared person, you can a will lose your job.


4. To top it off you are a waste of a human being who thinks they know what all cashiers go thru daily!

5. It is the cashiers fault for her not realizing which way she put the reciept tape in. And that's when you know they don't deserve their jobs. She should have opened her eyes and payed attention to what she was doing. She probably lost her job.

6. Most stores are able to use an "action code" to reprint the last reciept. If they didn't offer to do that, then don't shop at Target. They obviously don't understand what the consumer wants.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217285

It is you're not your learn how to spell before making fun of others. BTW that reply goes to the person who wrote the letter and is posting all the mean post, not "your an ***" Frankly she/he gave you what you asked for.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217284

I have read the other replies of Target to see if you were trolling or if you actually believe what you say.

I don't see anywhere where Zachary called someone a "raspberry ripple" I apologize to "you're an *** but I am just quoting that very disguting person here.

Anyways I have not seen Zachary use that term, however from reading the other replies Zachary is 12 years old and probably does not know that word is offensive. You however are an adult and know exactely how offensive and rude that word is.

The only time he used that term was to ask what it meant and that does not count as using it as a demeaning and degrading way. He used that term to ask what it means, where you used it to dehumanize someone.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216987

You are attacking me but what about Zachary, he also used that word.


I really can't believe what I have just read. Is it possible a person can be that ***?

My daughter works so she won't have to depend on the goverment like millions of other people do. She was involved in a auto accident which is why she is crippled. I could go on and on here about how pahetic you are, but I won't waste my time on you. I wonder what you would tell your son if he does ask that question.

He's probably going to grow up into a worthless piece of s h i t like you. Have a nice day.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216816

I am not making fun of that raspberry. I am just suggesting they give her job to someone more qualified because she works like a retard.

She not only works at the pace of a snail but with her disability she looks like a snail. She should just go back in her shell and let someone with better skills than her do the job.

They have government assistance for these freaks and instead of taking the job from those with better skills the cashier at Target and the person who replied under "your an ***'s daughter should quit their jobs, live off the government and let someone normal do the job so I don't have to be inconvienced by their slowness. Also if I were disabled in an accident I would not work and take the job from someone who needs it I would get the government to pay for my house and I would take advantage and get an expensive house near tha lake and have the government pay for it.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216815


(taken from urban dictionary)

slang for cripple, often shortened to raspberries.

Careful on the dance floor, they've let all the raspberries in tonight.

your an ***

Why is your daughter even working? She should allow some able bodied person to do the job. For your information I am not 13 I am 30 and have a 7 year old son. Tell that raspberry of yours that she should not be working when someone who is abled should do the job. I should not have to wait around five extra minutes because she only has one good leg, nor should have to worry about my son asking. "Mommy why does that lady walk like a retard?"


sometimes I wonder If this really happened or if someone just made this up, because really who is this *** of a person?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216584

Seriously though you should not make fun of her because one day you could get into an accident and lose use of your legs. Then you would be the first one crying discrimination if you could not get a job because of your disabiliity.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216583

Whats a raspberry ripple.


I have a daughter who is crippled. She has a job.

She is a cashier. She is very proud she is able to support herself. If I were the manager of that store, I would have kicked your a s s right on the sales floor. It would have been worth my job to see your sorry a s s on the floor.

You must be 13 maybe 14. I know you don't give a rat's a s s about her feelings, but how do you think she felt after dealing with *** like you? You should not be shot like the one person had posted here. You shouldn't be shot like one reader posted here.

That would be to good for you. You should have one of your legs cut off so you can see what "rasberry ripples" have to deal with every day. It's not her fault she was born that way.

You need to show some respect. Maybe when you grow up you will see this.

Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States #216191

The Target on Staten Island is a nitemare to shop at,long lines and empty store.

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