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Cashier Benee insulted me in Richfield, MN on York Ave.

As I was trying to find out why a food item was so much, she rolled her eyes and sighed every few seconds with a disgusted look on her face.

She then proceeded to angrily ask if I wanted it or not without regard that the price was four dollars more than the original price.

She then glared at my girlfriend and threw our items in the bag when I didn't want it.

Afterwards, my girlfriend said thank you; she turned her back while rolling her eyes yet again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #742717

Wait a minute to those bashing the OP isn't this a complaint site?


I understand your frustration but you know that everybody can have a bad day. There are some rude people but if you get upset at each of these people every time you bump into one, you will eventually ruin your health. I am sure we all get irritable sometimes. Everybody has had such moments. Even though it is not professional to show personal problems toward customers, it happens sometimes. I'm sure you've had some bad days too. Look at it from that perspective because anger will make your life worse and it won't help you in any way. I'm sure that lady is not thinking about what happened while you are and how do you benefit from that? It was just a little incident without severe consequences and there was no money loss involved in it.

IMHO, this type of situation should have been handled in a different way since you had the chance to see the manager on the spot.

I personally don't really like to go to Target because I have also found that unfortunately, some of their employees are far from being courteous. I understand them to an extent because they have to deal with all kinds of people (you don't know, maybe someone had angered that lady before you got there) but interestingly enough, some other department stores seem to put more emphasis on selecting "customer-friendly" employees. I don't complain about it; I simply go to other stores where I feel that employees are more friendly. You have all kinds of options...


Oh boooo hoooo hoooo. Cry me a f***king river you big baby. If this all you have to complain about then GET A D@MN LIFE!!!


So, did you complain to the manager or not??

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