i shopped at Target this morning and there was 1 register with a line of customers and one with a cashier finishing up a customer with her light off. I proceeded to the register to ask if she was open, before i could ask she said she was closed.

I replied that they were all closed, she pointed out that the register with line of customers was open.

I had a few items so i started using the self check out and this cashier stands there watching me! scan and bag my items that SHE could have done and get paid to do!

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I actually prefer going to the self check out registers at any stores which have them. The associates are there to assist you if there is a problem. That is what they get paid to do also.


She expected you to use your head, light off means closed.


They always watch me like a hawk when I go through the self-checkout to make sure that I don't rip anything off. So it's not really "Self Checkout" It's checkout with someone watching you like a hwak to make sure you don't try to steal anything checkout.


What part of self checkout do you not want to understand or not want to get?


Most stores that have self checkouts have more than one register. They have one employee watch over all the self service registers so they can assist if items don't scan or help with questions.

If she scanned your items for you she wouldn't have been available for others that need help. If you are going to shop big box stores you'll need to get used to checking out your own order or waiting in line for the few cashiers they have.


Best to not shop at Target in the first place, unless you enjoy using the facilities with "whatever."

to h.kitchener #1570980

Are you seriously this close minded?? This isnt a place for politics anyway.

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