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I have tried to support Target to slow Walmart down. I buy gift cards for gifts plus my own shopping.

I found a $3 charge from Target on my bank statement for "cash back".

Without any warning, they charge this secretly. No warning from piece of paper taped on the notice internally where you select "amount of cash to be withdrawn." That would be simple computer programming procedure.

This fraud needs to be reported publicly unless they put notices on their machines today. This practice cannot be honored until there is full disclosure at the time of sale.

Temporary notices now would suffice; more permanent, professional notices later.

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The $3 fee is not a fee charged by Target, it is a fee charged by your individual bank for the convenience of withdrawing money somewhere that is not one of their banks/ATMs. The reason Target does not post a disclaimer that you might get charged a fee is because the fee varies from bank to bank and some charge no fee at all. So get over yourself.


Maybe, it was just a small glitch and they won't know about it unless you alert them of it. But, if you be a *** about it then they will not help you.

Do you really believe that by shopping at Target you will slow Walmart down? Really?

One person can not slow down a huge international corporation. Good luck though...

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