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I was shopping in Rockville, MD Target on Sunday 2/27, and it might be my last time , i used to shop every weekend at this Target.

I am in a need of a vacuum cleaner, so i took down several vacuums from the display, trying to pick the one that will be good for me , I was with my 2 year old and my mom so maybe we didn't seem to look like a customer ??? Anyway , the women "target employee" yelled from the other side to me: " When you finish , please put this vacuums back on the display" I said Yes, and end up not buying the vacuum or anything. What was wrong with the customer service? Why i was not asked if i need help, but asked to clean up! I do not work for Target! This is very rude!!!

This was my last time at any Targe, i email several resorses and i just realized that Target got several complaint sites and they are useless. Maybe my spending for 7K-10K annually in Target is not so large, so i think you may afford to loose on customer, but one always make the difference.

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care for service,

Concerning your post about vaccuums, I'm definitly on your side! I have worked in retail for 28+ yrs. and although there are times when I have to *** my tongue, I would never, ever consider saying anything negative or insulting to a customer!

See my complaint under "Deceptive Advertising". Maybe if all of us boycott Target, they might consider trying to improve their "customer service". I'm with you, sister!!

Oh, and just ignore simon. He's just evidently a bored person who enjoys insulting everyone!


You were asked not to make a mess? What a huge inconvenience for you. Have a little respect for the people who have to put up with that *** all day long.


You were asked not to make a mess? What a huge inconvenience for you. Have a little respect for the people who have to put up with that *** all day long.


I take the side of a business. I must work there.


I'll take your thoughts into consideration and the next time I'm in a retail store I'm going to make as big of a mess as I can.

I wonder if the employees will look at me and smile. Isn't that good customer service?


Actually Sandy and Simon, you are both wrong.

The employee IS supposed to clean up after the customer. I've worked in numerous retail stores and have always been told the employees are responsible for making sure the store looks neat. That involves organizing displays previously disorganized by customers. It may be an inconvenience, but it is their job.

The sales associate should have asked the customer if she needed help, assisted her, and then after done with the sale MAYBE asked her to help put the vacuums back since they tend to be heavy. That would have been the better approach.

I've noticed you both have been bashing customers who complain about poor service.

I don't know if you both work for Target or its affiliates, but your comments are not going to discourage anyone from voicing their complaints.

Palo Alto, California, United States #256799

It isn't the job of the employee to follow you around and clean up after you. Imagine if every shopper dismantled displays?

Kudos to the target employee for politely asking you to pick up after yourself.

The amount of *** they have to pick up after inconsiderate customers is astounding. Everybody complains about long lines and lack of service, this is because employees are stuck picking up after customers instead of helping them. Hiring more people isn't an option as that will just make things cost more which will also upset customers.

Long story short, I want to shake that employee's hand.


I agree 100% with the Target employee. They aren't your mother who is going to clean up after you. Just because you are a customer at a store doesn't give you the right to make a big mess and leave it for the employees to clean up.

The amount of money you spend at Target is totally irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything. It's probably very exaggerated anyway.

You should have taken one or maybe two vacuums down at a time and put them back before you got more down. You had to take SEVERAL down at a time? No wonder the employee said something. You were probably planning on leaving them there once you chose the one you wanted anyway.

It's great that you will no longer shop at Target. Now the Wal-Mart employees will have to clean up after you. I wonder where you will shop when they tell you to clean up your messes.

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