A few weeks ago I went and tried on some clothes and when I pulled the shirt off my under arm got sliced my the tag... Hello!! why does the tag have to be right at the arm pit, AND a thick cardboard? I was livid went to pay for my things and asked to speak with a manager. I was polite and told him what happened and that maybe he should send a request to change the tags somehow. All he said was "I'm Sorry about that". and I dont remember his name.

I went back today during my lunch and found some cute summer dresses, ONCE again I got another scratch under my arm, this time it was four times the size and painful.

I told the girl who was working the dressing room and all she had to say was "OMG".

I love target but Im not going to risk my health and get cut up again and possible get an infection from the cardboard tags. Ill never buy clothes from there again!!

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You do understand the the people in the store have absolutely no way of changing that, right? A suggestion like that should be taken to corporate where they decide everything about the products.


wow your a real tit


One time I can see being upset, but seriously, you didn't check for the tag the second time?


What a dumb complaint.

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