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When I used this card, I got posted twice on my debit account. This was cleared up at my bank after filing a complaint with the bank.

Next time when they scan the item, I got charged twice for one item, left the store and noticed it when I got home. Between the employees scanning and not watching what they are doing and this debit card Target had it is more of a pain than the 5% discount.

This time it cost me more than the discount I got. Target used to be a good store...but I am trashing this card

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

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You didnt notice in your purchase that you were being charged twice? Are you that irresponsible in your purchases that you do not monitor your purchase as it is being scanned looking for irregularities or pay attention to the total cost?

I would like to sell you a bridge in Cuba. I am sure you won't pay attention to the Cuba part.

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