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Trying to order (online) a registry gift and with a gift message to be sent to the couple. The order says they'll be sent separately.

(1) First I can't find the place to send a message / card so the couple will know who the gifts are from. Customer service has a tough time telling me where to go (accent was so strong i couldn't understand him and he didn't really know where to go). Finally found it. (2) I try to finish my order and the order is now locked.

i call Customer Service again - he can't help me unlock it so he sends me to another agent (8 minute wait). (3) Third agent tries to help me and tells me that they can't undo the lock - but she can do it manually. She can't. Then she says she'll help me reorder via a phone order -- she tries, but can't get a message on each gift - only one message per order, even though they'll be sent separately.

So she suggests separating the gift and the gift card, so they can each have a message. She tries that - but says that she needs the mailing address. I say i don't have, because i don't know the bride or groom well - and that it's in the registry -- but she says she can't access the registry because it's private -- GIVE ME A BREAK!!

By now i've invested 40 MINUTES for this order, which should have been a breeze. Cancelled the order and am going to Bed Bath & Beyond.

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