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I would like to purchase an item listed on the registry from another store so they will have it by their wedding day. Since Target will need to charge a large shipping fee to get it here on time, I went to my local store (not target).

They are unable to take it off of her registry.

Earlier, I purchased an item from the registry AT Target. It was never removed from registry. Another person purchased same item from Target from the registry; it had never been removed from registry in either case.

They made it difficult to return because I had lost my receipt. They just said there was nothing they could do.

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Companies have turned this HELPFUL service (gift registries) into money making machines for themselves. but what did customers really think they were doing them a SERVICE FOR free!!

Get real these companies could care less about you CHILDRENS BIRTH, YOUR WEDDING, they want money and if that means sending out 10 of the same item they want the money. Registries are never correct and that is ON PURPOSE!!

CEO'S don't work for free!! Give them your information and they WILL USE IT TO BENEFIT THEM!!


AHHH - your personal dosage of Target's Customer Service.

Since you thought this was bad enough, try to rectify the problem and see what happens1

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