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I found out 4 weeks ago that Target had not been recording my payments that my bank was sending in for the whole year of 2014. Nobody contacted me to let me know there was an issue going on which triggered my anger for this.

I have now spoken to 3 team members and none of them have helped whatsoever. Turns out, I ended up overpaying my balance since the payments weren't being recorded so they owe me money back. The first 2 team members I spoke with went on vacations and didn't even direct my case to someone else to help me due to their absence. The third man I spoke to in their dispute department was as rude as can be to me and needless to say, he was of no help to me either.

This company has the worst customer service I have ever seen and I would not recommend the Target credit card to anyone!

I feel like I have been loyal to the company and bought their products and always paid my balance on time and this is what I receive for them in return. I have been a card holder for 2 years now and I will be cancelling my account with them as soon as I get my money back!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #849663

I agree. The last person Janet 62957634 kept me on the phone over 30 minutes and could not resolve an issue I have had with this company for over a year.

All she could say in loud voice was " I am sorry _____, that is what our policy is." Worst customer service ever. They have been collecting on late payment after late payment when I have not purchased one thing from them in over a year. Everytiem I pay what their askign for they add another late fee that I don't pay for a few months and so on. THey even told me that they can only add a $1 per month after the account is closed.

Then after 2 months they start adding normal fees again. It's illegal. They lie and transfer you or tell you to call the next day. Who has time for this?!

"We told you to call us back the next day and you didn't." She chastised me." They should have called me. USAA who is a reputable customer service company will call you back and follow up because they care about their customers. Target does not care about their customers.

I am an educator and I know a lot of educators that love shopping at Target. After today, I will never shop there again.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #846260

I hope whoever runs this card goes out of business! They are a bunch of greedy, worthless, soul sucking, criminal, f.ucking, c.ocksucking c.unts!

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