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Foos think they get all in my *** and stuff cause I'm BLACK! I still get followed around the store by security everytime I go into Wal-Mart.

I'm sorry, but when I see the same person everytime I turn around in multiple parts of a great big store like the supercenter, I know they are security and they are following me. I finally let this guy have it today and told him to *** off or I will report him. He claimed he was not following me, but that is a lie.

I hate white people. They all narrow-minded foos!!

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Lolol.. this is so fake.

If it was real, then I would reccomend that you lay off the drugs, grab a dictionary, and brush up on your grammar. But you're obviously trying very hard to look ignorant. I'm fifteen, and even I know this is fake.

Plus, they put it under Target, when it's WalMart. Faaaake.

to HarleeMae Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1195906

I just don't think this is fake unfortunately.


Blackdontcrack is a fake. but at least it's kind of funny. the sad part is, Blackdontcrack makes more sense than that Anonymous lunatic from hickville, mississippi.


This complaint and comments aren't even real.

An illerate OP does not use puncutuation correctly.

This person tried too hard to look incompetent and ignorant.

It's bogus. :p :p


I ain't the one with the problem, foo.

By da way, I now realize I accidentally putted this post under Target. But there is nothin I can do about it now.


You sound as though you may be a bit paranoid.Do you have some mental issues?? Your problem with English is very apparant


Foo it is the border hoppers that are becoming the majority in the country. They sneak in here and get all sorts of *** that we black folks had to work centuries to get. I hate spics!!


Why is this under Target?


Now, I'M the one making a BIGOTED STATEMENT ...

White people still hate you.


Since we're becoming the minority, we won't have to work to pay for your food stamps and welfare anymore. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR A CHANGE!!!!Haaaaaaaaaaaa :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :p


Your ***!

Do you even know what a foo is?

Your so *** it smells.

/foo/ A sample name for absolutely anything, especially programs and files

Dont hate white people, they are the ones who go to work so you can get food stamps and welfare


@ Blackdontcrack

You're making a bigoted statement.

And that person wasn't following since you're black.

Security only follows you around that much is because you're stealing.

I'm Indian and I've always been treated very respectfully when I come into both Walmart and Target.


White people hate you, too.

A life lesson for you:

Target has the red and white target logo and Wal-Mart has the smiley face.

Do you think you can learn the difference in this lifetime?

As you say, "foo"! :grin :grin


Blackdontcrack is a "narrow-minded" idiоt for blaming Target for something she "thinks" happened at Wal-Mart.

Blackdontcrack - they don't follow you because you are black - they are following because you are a thief.

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