Bought a video game for $63.00 and handed the clerk a$100.00 bill he took it and then said he could not make change because he did not have enough money in the cash draw. Called for someone to bring change and after two calls to get change and no one appearing I asked for my money back and he said he could not do that either.

after the third request for change someone finally showed up. How is it a chain of this size does not know at Christmas time people will be paying with cash and expecting the cashier can make change?

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Not saying that you are, but it's the time of year quick change artists are hitting more and more


They should do away with the 100.00 dollar bill no one wants them. Great for Birthday gifts/holiday gift but stores really do not want anything higher then a 20.00.


Why do people still have $100 bills? Especially, on Sundays when the banks are closed thinking we are going to have the change they need as we try to conserve what we have left until Monday. Most ATM's can only spit out 20's, so these people would have to be asking the bank teller for them. /rant

I don't even work at a big box store like Target, so complaint might as well be a moot point.

My other moot point, you are paying with a $100 bill. What is to say, you haven't been the only one with a $100 bill that day, hour, etc?

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #743047

This is such a *** complaint.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #742941

he is probably steeling the money or something because they have lots of changes from nickles to $20 paper money.

what game did you buy

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